About Us

Jedemi [pronounced Je-de-MY] is a three-syllable word for a concept whose time has come. It’s about clues, connections and creativity. It’s about synthesis and synergy. It’s about energetically engaging, empowering and encouraging others…

The Jedemi CafeJedemi breaks through crusted patterns and transcends the status quo to help people (and businesses) proactively operate on level that’s fulfilling and truly makes a difference.

It is based on the theory that if you are creatively fulfilled because you are doing activities worthy of your talents, or have found ways to proactively challenge yourself to make mundane tasks interesting, you’ll end up with a lot more energy and enthusiasm which can be applied to family, work and other pursuits.

In a way, Jedemi is a mash-up of a bunch of concepts ranging from Ray Oldenburg’s “Third Place,” to Vartan Gregorian’s thoughts on education, to Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” with a healthy splash of James Hilton/Frank Capra’s Shangri-La and Antoine de St. Exupery’s “The Little Prince,” Dorothy Sayers’ “Mind of the Maker” and Rollo May’s “Courage to Create.”

And there’s more! Before the word Jedemi was invented, the business was called Something Eclectic because of how it pulled from so many sources.

The idea is to take this eclectic mash-up apply it in day-to-day situations and while exploring the “adjacent possible” – the space inhabited by “what could be” based on what currently is.”

As far-fetched as that sounds, it can be done. This website will include stories of how others have managed to apply concepts to their own journey. Plus, this site includes an original series, “The Jedemi Chronicles,” which in a way is like “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” that George Lucas created but much more relevant to people living and working in today’s world.

Research for Jedemi has been taking place over the last 20-years, so you can imagine that there is a lot of depth and breadth to the concept. You are seeing merely the tip of the iceberg (Hemingway would approve!).

Watch for posts where some of what’s below the surface is exposed.

Couple of items of note:

  • The spirits from the past (AKA The Gang) are contributing posts to this site.  You’ll see their byline in #SNapkin posts and in the section titled ASWI (for As We See It) Musings. It is nice to have them provide some historical perspective.
  • News, Views & Clues are posts that provide commentary on daily events with context. We have a unique way of looking at things. Rather than repeating the “what” as in “what happened,” we opt to provide “Ponderables” that you can mull over addressing the “why” and “the story behind the story.”

Enjoy your stay at Jedemi and please come back often!