AWSI: Hokey Smokes! June Foray Did Many, MANY voices…

We introduced the “SNapkin” concept in this post. Here’s another to peruse and ponder.  Enjoy!—The Gang

We posted this (above) on our Facebook page. It’s a telling quotable / ponderable for sure.
An awesome talent she was.

As noted in the write-up appearing in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle:

…she was at her peak for Rocket J. Squirrel (aka Rocky the flying squirrel) and his curvaceous adversary, Natasha Fatale, on the proudly two-dimensional cliffhanger chronicles of “Rocky and His Friends” (later “The Bullwinkle Show”) from 1959 to 1964. In other segments, she played Nell Fenwick, the prim girlfriend of the handsome, muddle-headed Mountie Dudley Do-Right.

Rocky’s “Hokey Smokes!” is one of our favs. Here are some YouTube videos we found that help keep her “top-of-ear.” Enjoy!

AWSI, listening to June reminded us of another talented lady — Ginger Rogers — and the famous quote:

A talented lady who we hope will come hang with us at Jedemi.

And The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

Hey Rocky!

Thanks for reading & listening!

—Dossie & The Gang

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