Mr. Pete’s WowMeWednesday 001

We are introducing #WowMeWednesdays with this… for the funk of it. Enjoy!!

Follow the bouncing ball… as we introduce the first of our #WowMeWednesday posts.

Mr Pete had pre-ordered the CD based on a video which he discovered and posted on his Facebook page last month. The CD just showed up.

He was stoked because of this…

During a Facetime call, he tells Annie its “Funkadelic.” Throwback to earlier times in our lives.

Annie Googles to find out more…

…And discovers Mr. Pete’s United Nations Stomp was a cover of a Buddy Miles’ classic.

And there’s more!

A version of Funkadelic’s “One Nation Under A Groove” performed by The Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences Choir

And now the OG…

You’ll find a Live performance here.

Ready to sing along?

One nation under a groove
gettin’ down just for the funk
(Can I get it on the good foot)
Gettin’ down just for the funk of it
(Good God)
(bout time I got down one time)
One nation and we’re on the move
Nothin’ can stop us now…

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About Mr Pete
A music aficionado, Mr. Pete’s mind and ears have no horizons. He has the uncanny ability to suss out the right song for the right time — a skill that is truly amazing. His lifelong passion for music began with his father’s influence and was kindled during his developmental years. Mr Pete built an extensive collection of record albums —diligently organized and catalogued— by the time he was a junior in high school. His mixed tape skills, honed in college during his stint as music director, have been in continuous use over the years while curating holiday CDs as gifts for friends. Jedemi welcomes his contributions.

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