AWSI Musings: ‘Tis Red Coffee Cup Season and that’s Good for Business…

Halloween is behind us now so it must be… red cup season. And in case there was any doubt, a full page ad appearing in Monday’s Wall Street Journal (A20: the back page of the first section) grabbed our attention.

First, they gave a H/T (hat tip) to last year’s red cup (perhaps acknowledging the controversy).


Also, call to action in the form of a BOGO:

Buy one holiday drink, get one free to share.

This Thursday, November 10 through Monday November 14 during their slow time of 2pm to 5pm.

Definitely newsworthy for one of the companies blaming the election for revenue slowdown.

Per the front page article in the Finance section of Monday’s Journal: Starbucks Corp. noted a “high degree of uncertainty” around the election.

“Everyone is hoping that post-election, there will be a return to a natural state of affairs in terms of consumer behavior,”

— Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz
during last week’s earnings call




As a point of reference, here’s link to what went viral last year:

Red Cup Watch

Starbucks red cup 2016

If you want a sneak peek, check out this link.

AWSI, this whole red cup controversy turned publicity may actually work to raise awareness and drive traffic. Still, Starbucks needs to close the loop by providing an exceptional in store experience. Also, note to Peet’s: Game on!


You’ve become amazingly Starbucks-like with the addition of food which is definitely slowing down the process of servicing your loyal customers. PLEASE don’t become Starbucks with better beans. If you need more revenue, figure it out. Find a way that doesn’t alienate the Peetniks who heart your brew. Oh yeah, don’t forget that Philz is nipping at your heels too.

That’s a Wrap!


—The Gang

Full Page Ad in The Wall Street Journal

Full Page Ad in The Wall Street Journal

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