SCMF Musings: Stop! Hammer Double-Time…


We were quite surprised to see MC Hammer in an ad appearing in the July 4 issue of Sports Illustrated for Starbursts candy.

Starburst MC Hammer

As seen in Sports Illustrated (July 4 issue)

His “Juicy Raindance” (#juicytheory), part of the Starburst “Unexplainably Juicy” campaign developed by DDB, shows him dancing all over the Internet in front of iconic places, like Mount Rushmore, or just hobnobbing with unicorns. Whenever Hammer dances, juicy raindrops fall.

According to MediaPost, the interactive print, digital and social campaign uses a partnership with Shazam to drive mobile users to a microsite to watch more than 30 short-form Hammer videos. If consumers Shazam the Starburst print ads, they are automatically directed to the Hammer Raindance site.

MC Hammer Starburst

Magic Time

Dear Netflix: Please Protect this Prince with Immersive Sound…

By itself, it is kind of fun.

However, the timing is kind of disturbing. We wrote about his work for 3M’s Command line which we described as hilarious.


The spot is hilarious and definitely hits upon the mental images that MC Hammer conjures up (as seen on TV using the way-back machine). Parachute pants? Check!

In a nice play on words, the MC Hammer in a toolbox lets the DIY lady know, “Hammer hates nails.”

He demonstrates Command strip functionality where you can hang fearlessly without damaging walls.

3M Campaign 2.0: Command Goes to College…

There is a new wave of Command hook ads providing advice for moving into college dorm rooms.

MC Hammer magically appears, is immediately recognized by the father while the son is like “what’s happening?”

Instead of a hammer and nails, MC Hammer recommends using “Command Damage-Free Hanging Hooks” so that when school is out, there is no damage left behind. Ta-da!

Peel, stick and ta-da!

As a father helps his son move into the dorms, they think that the walls are actually saying, “Stop. Hammer time.” MC Hammer appears in an instant, with some advice for moving into college dorm rooms. Instead of a hammer and nails, he recommends using Command Damage-Free Hanging Hooks so that when school is out, there is no damage left behind. Ta-da!

Again, by itself, it is pretty funny. But knowing that MC Hammer has a juicy dancing gig, we feel the appropriate crossover move would be to have that clueless “what’s happening” college kid popping a Starburst candy into his mouth. Pretty much the same demographic.

Come to think of it, it would have been kind of silly but appropriate if Hammer expanded his “Juicy Raindance” time.

  • Tree Time
  • Space Time
  • Rainbow Time
  • Magic Time
  • Cooking Time
  • and… ta da!  Dorm Move-in Time.

Why the heck not?

AWSI, that’s a win-win. And with two consumer brand campaigns running simultaneously using the same “character” — our parachute pants dancer — it makes sense to show the connection rather than have these ads cancel each other out.


Thanks for reading and #SCMF!

—The Gang




Hammer-TreeTime2Starburst web page


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