Jedemi Chronicles – An Intro

The Jedemi Chronicles are a mythological tale of spirits from the past who show up as everyday characters in an offbeat Silicon Valley café for the sole purpose of inspiring many of the people who stop by.

The Jedemi Café is more than a Cheers-like, Third Place, it is a state of mind where these spirits offer unconditional support and motivation for patrons to find and express their creativity and make it part of their everyday life or in the words of American mythologist, writer and lecturer, Joseph Campbell, “to follow their bliss.”


Inspired by a Journey.

Written by Annie Gladue-Latham, a former corporate high-tech marketing specialist who found a way to blend her strategic expertise with her deeply-felt creative energy, The Jedemi Chronicles are a multi-part mythology inspired by the universal tales of personal journey and discovery found in contemporary music, classic books and films – from Antoine St. Exupery’s “The Little Prince” to Frank Capra’s “Lost Horizon” and “You Can’t Take It With You.”

Fresh from a multi-city business trip which ended with a weekend in Paris (wandering the streets, enjoying the cafes, specialized book stores and local cinema), Annie returned to the States highly energized with a vision, scribbled on several napkins, of a café that could serve as a “creative incubator” for the tech types she knew well from her career.

Originally sketched out as a physical space, The Jedemi Café was later transformed into a mythological place — a multi-media world springing from Annie’s active imagination (and the synthesis of a lot of research) which includes engaging characters that not only inhabit the place, but offer up encouragement along with a motivational life-framework for those who seem poised to embark on their own personal journey.

Fifteen years in the making, the characters of The Jedemi Café have lived in Annie’s consciousness waiting to be realized and shared. She has an infectious enthusiasm for the Jedemi gang , their messages and purpose in inspiring people to live a proactive life where creativity is threaded into daily endeavors.

Annie’s easy-reading, script-style mythology, is disrupting the conventional delivery technology of the story – it can shape-shift from conventional print to web blog, to an interactive e-book and digital film.

Multi-Touch Version

Multi-Touch Version

The Jedemi Chronicles are a series of engaging stories waiting to be shared.

To kickoff the series, Annie has created a launch trilogy:

Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 1
Ring Dem Bells: Tale of the Enchanted Jukebox

A jukebox found by a café owner at flea market takes on a life of its own.

Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 2
In Heaven When You Smile: The Taming of Viv

The café owner learns more about her jukebox from new arrivals at the café who become regulars and help her avert a near disaster.

Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 3
Doin’ It: Taming of the Suit

A hard-charging, corporate ladder-climbing young lady (the Suit) has a close encounter at the café that leads to a life changing experience.

Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 4 (The Series Begins)
Fly: Katie’s Euro Adventure

Katie (the Suit), who has hit a plateau in her quest for a purposeful existence, has been unexpectedly sent to Europe for a series of business meetings. The consequences of her adventure spur her onto the next level.

Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 5 (In development)

It’s Time: Katie Gets Hands-on (working title)

Continuing in her disruptive ways, Annie has selected to publish Jedemi Chronicles – Episode 2 first.

In Heaven When You Smile – The Taming of Viv can be experienced in a number of formats: