AWSI – Art Story is a Great (and Familiar) Concept…

ArtStoryThumbStrangely enough, we got wind of “Art Story” from TheWrap newsletter, not a Kickstarter push. This is an
unconventional animated movie where a young boy and his grandfather end up on an adventure of lifetime when they get stuck in famous paintings.

Stuck inside famous paintings? Where have we seen that before?

Oh yeah, in Kurosawa’s Dreams.


There is a section called “Crows” where a man visiting an art museum ends up magically running around within these paintings. He even meets Van Gogh.

It’s visually stunning, which we’d expect from Kurosawa — a great filmmaker and artist himself.

The Art Story Kickstarter project is the brainchild of Disney feature animators Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams. In brief, it is a story about an 11-year-old, meticulous boy (Walt) and his crazy, loopy grandpa — two complete opposites — who get stuck in a vast, imaginative world of paintings.

Blaise and Williams are planning on combining hand-drawn animation with CG (computer graphics).

Their goal is to raise $350,000 by Friday, August 23.

The guys think this is a fantastic way to expose kids to art. Good point.



What we liked about this project is the passion that these guys have — clearly it is a labor of love.

The Kickstarter site has a ton of information if you want to read more about this project.

We liked how they closed out their video:

Life is a blank canvas. Go paint your masterpiece.

Kickstarter not required.


Here is their Kickstarter video:

Check out this Ted Talk


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