Cool Packaging — Like Origami for Popcorn…

Here’s a brilliant and elegant solution for microwave popcorn that was created by a student at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland.

A story posted at Packaging Digest by Anton Steeman, talked about something we’re all familiar with— microwave popcorn bags. In fact, just typing those words brings the smell clearly into my head… and the look… and the mess that happens when you attempt to transfer the pop corn to a napkin or bowl.


UK retailer Marks & Spencer had a brilliant idea– they invited design students to take a crack at coming up with children’s packaging.  The criteria included:

  • the design had to take into account the environmental impact of packaging
  • child safety
  • and still be functional both for the consumer and for the producer and retailer.

The result was an ingenious popcorn pack that’s very origami-like.  It was designed by Anni Nyk-nen, a student at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland.

“The design has visual impact which is heightened by the transformation of the pack shape as the contents are heated in the microwave and expand. The concept utilises the cardboard (Korsn ¤s White) characteristics of strength and formability, plus the ability to have direct contact with the food contents because of the purity of the board. The space saving design provides for efficient transportation and distribution (environmental considerations) combined with effective use of shelf space and an appealing concept for young consumers to try it.”

Just like Clorox did with their wipe dispenser redesign, Marks & Spencer tapped into creative minds to come up with a solution.

Hope to see this packaging at a Whole Foods or other specialty retailer soon.  Also, if you like this, then keep your eyes out for other creative work from those Lahti students.  Apparently they submitted 45 entries and walked away with 28 awards.

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