Fear the Snow Shower?

Just as there are unwritten rules in baseball, hockey seems to have their own as well. The one that’s got tongues wagging has to do with “snow showers.”

In brief, snow showers occur when a hockey player skids to a stop in front of a goalie causing a spray of ice to hit the face (and other body parts) of the goalie. The Detroit Redwing goalie, Jimmy Howard experienced some precipitation over the weekend.

Per the MercuryNews write-up, Howard said he wouldn’t let the snow get to him, but that it was clear the Sharks were doing it intentionally. Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom also said they had repeatedly complained to the referees about the annoying tactic.

The Sharks coach, Todd McLellan was quoted saying the following:

“Then there shouldn’t be any loose pucks laying there, and we won’t go there.”
“We’re going to the net anytime there’s a loose puck there, and we’re stopping in the blue paint. It’s as simple as that.”

See (and judge) for yourself in this clip.


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