FSI – What’s New and Notable – 001

Anyone who gets a Sunday newspaper delivered to their doorstep (or driveway) knows that part of its considerable “thunk” are the ads that are included in the form of circulars and free standing inserts (FSI).

We like them for several reasons.

  • You can get a sense of what’s trending.
  • You can get a feel for pricing.
  • You get a glimpse at what’s new.
  • You can study the communication style — how is the brand delivering its message.

Savings? Pretty much back-burnered since the process of clipping coupons and presenting upon checkout is a rather tedious. But that’s a topic for another day.

What we want to do is draw attention to a few of the FSI ads that caught our eye this Sunday.

Hefty Does Lunch and Freezer Bags:

Hefty Does Lunch...

Hefty Does Lunch…

Really? In our mind, Hefty’s domain consists of big garbage bags. Why the heck would I want to zip my sandwich into a Hefty bag? Ziploc owns that market, plus there are store brand generics.

Hefty Does the Freezer...

Hefty Does the Freezer…

For Hefty to get traction, they need to be in in Costco and on special (no coupon) with a huge mass-out display.  People will buy.

Horizon Does Mac & Cheese:

When we think macaroni and cheese, the first image to pop to mind is Kraft. Blue box, yellow writing, and those packets of who knows what that result in gooey goodness. A guilty pleasure, this old-school comfort food has been a staple for those shunning making their own from scratch.

Flying Cow Does Mac...

Flying Cow Does Mac…

In rolls Horizon with its flying cow. Look familiar.

Their single serving milk products have been a staple for years at Starbucks. In fact, back in 2002, when the relationship was announced, the marketing director for Horizon stated, “It’s an advertisement. Coffee drinkers will think, ‘Aha, Horizon, happy cow, aha,’ then buy the brand elsewhere.”

So that flying cow is now gracing boxes of “CLASSIC MAC” made with “Organic Pasta & Cheese.”

Also, the FSI ad points out Snack Crackers, Grahams and Sandwich Crackers. Things that go with milk. Things simpatico with the company’s “organic” positioning. And, no doubt, things that help Horizon position itself against Annie’s.


Seems like a Horizon vs. Annie’s taste test challenge may be the next logical move.

The Power of Pentel:

We like this one a lot. Timed for the “Back-to-School” season, this ad is having fun spoofing old school comic books with copy that is reminiscent of the “Taste Great / Less Filling” debates.

Pentel Does Comic Book-Style...

Pentel Does Comic Book-Style…

Here we are told Pentel has “super-smooth” ink which dries “faster than a speeding bullet.” Also, this curious one: “Lefties love it!”
Really? Definitely a memorable ad. They are pushing a contest too along with all their social media. We’ll be curious to see how they do this fall.


Staying Curious:

To us, this exercise of checking out circulars and FSI is fun and a great way to engage the brain.

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see anything that made you stop, read and ponder.


BTW, this just in…

Make Us Buy Pricing...

Make Us Buy Pricing…

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