Interview: Jedemi Founder

Back in August, Annie Gladue-Latham, the founder of Jedemi, was interviewed about the business.

Q: What are you trying to do with Jedemi?

A: Jedemi exists with a mission of enabling the creative spirit.

Q: Why is that important?
Because it is the missing piece of each and every one of us.  In a way, creativity is the internal “Third Place.”  With family and work being the “First” and “Second” places, it is the creative “Third” place where individuals can truly “be” themselves as they pursue activities (and even develop products and services) that allow them to tap into their unique talents and leverage the life experiences that they’ve had.

Jedemi is based on the theory that if you are creatively fulfilled because you are doing activities worthy of your talents, then the extra boost of energy and “out-of-the-box” thinking that happens as a result, can be applied to family and work pursuits – making them better.

Q: So how will Jedemi accomplish its mission?

A: That’s a good question because communities are more spread out today then back with the traditional “brick and mortar” Third Place existed.  Plus, people have way too many time commitments which make it nearly impossible to have that regular “stop by and hang out” experience.  Meet-ups seem to require scheduling a week or more in advance with flexibility for interrupts from Family and Work.  That’s reality of this millennium.  Accomplishing this mission will be a challenge.

Q:  Could you provide us with some insight on what you are thinking?

A: Sure. There are two parts to Jedemi:

  • The inspirational/aspirational that energizes and motivates.
  • The marketing/sales side that helps drive revenues that result from products/services created.

Right now, work is taking place in both areas, but due to financial constraints, the amount of activity has been restricted.  The goal is to raise enough capital to be able to fully jump-start Jedemi.


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  1. Sarai Hoffman says:

    So true! we were talking about it pieces are missing and is up to you to finding it.! Thanks Annie!

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