LEGO Leverages AR at In-Store Kiosks

LEGO is using augmented reality (AR) technology in some of their packaging to give customers ideas of the things they can build with the various kits. Created by augmented reality expert metaio, the LEGO boxes are designed to interface with kiosks in LEGO stores .metaio-logo

How it works. Shoppers hold up the box and a code activates the augmented reality feature, displaying a 3D model of the LEGO kit. Twisting and turning the box in front of the display produces the same 3D views.

Source: PC World

According to a story appearing in Fast Company, metaio had a hand in an augmented reality app tied to San Francisco”s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). It’s Augmented Reality browser, Junaio, has a layer for finding nearby BART stations along with estimated arrival times.


Pretty cool stuff!


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