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> Fanfare for a “Common” (?) Logo…

Logo unveiled.

Logo unveiled.

We were a bit surprised on how “trending” the unveiling of the logo for the Los Angeles 2024 Summer Olympics bid (yes, bid as in “pick me, pick me”) was. Upon initial review, it sure reminded us of something (or someone).

Family resemblance?

Family resemblance?

Oh, right…live from the “happiest place on earth,” we have Tinker Bell.

You can watch the unveil video below. According to one write-up, the Tinker Bell is actually an angel (as in LA is “City of Angels” — not to be confused with the movie that is a modernized, Americanized version of the awesome Wim Wenders “Wings of Desire”). But we are really REALLY (!) digressing.

Los Angeles leverages its name as the “City of Angels” in the new logo for its bid to to host the Summer Olympics in 2024. 72andSunny created the symbol, a muscular, athletic winged figure lit by the sun’s rays, as well as this film announcing the bid, in which it portrays itself as a “city of optimism that is constantly reinventing itself” and highlights its multicultural communities.

Check out the unveil here:

We think the more significant story is this:

Los Angeles is bidding to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, having the games return after 40 years.

The 1984 Summer Olympics have been described as “the most successful games ever” They were the first in history NOT to be sponsored by the government. Local businessman Peter Ueberroth brought together entrepreneurs and financially savvy leaders to create a budget-conscious Olympics funded by unprecedented corporate sponsorships, impressive private fundraising, and, for the first time on U.S. soil, television deals.

Think about it. Is there something 40 years later that can be the next breakthrough? A story to watch for sure.

>> From Grease Live to Homer Live:


Speaking of breakthroughs… this week The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reported that The Simpsons, a cartoon (animated program) that also happens to be the longest-running American sitcom, will feature a three-minute live segment with the beloved character, Homer Simpson during its May 15 episode. Live animation? How does that work?

If we had to guess, it might have elements of the Subservient Chicken campaign. For those unfamiliar, in April of 2004,
a chicken dressed in garters appeared on the Web that could do seemingly any command viewers requested.


After being seeded into several Internet chat rooms, the “Subservient Chicken” instantly struck a nerve with bloggers, in part because the site’s technology allowed users to type in nearly anything and get a response from the chicken. He could do jumping jacks, dance, do push-ups and even watch television. He seemed impossible to stump. Within a day after being released, the site had a million hits. Within a week, it had received 20 million hits. Who was behind this strange Web phenomenon? Many visitors to the site were surprised to see it was Burger King.

Seems like Fox’s game plan includes some “planning ahead for better results” elements:

Fans are being invited to tweet their questions using hashtag #HomerLive beginning Sunday, May 1 through Wednesday, May 4. Apparently, that early deadline simply allows them to obtain usage permission from the tweeters, not to prepare Homer’s animation.

Uh… okay. Perhaps there will be voting up / voting down on which ones will be used for the live segment. We’re curious for sure. Knowing that Fox had a hit on its hands earlier this year when they did “Grease Live”, perhaps this jump to an animated live performance isn’t such a stretch. Let’s mark the calendar and circle back to see how well they did.

>> Bygones & New Beginning…

First of all, the sports fan in us was snoopy dancing at the thought of pitchers and catchers reporting this week. Yes, we are nearing the perfect sports season as baseball ramps up and hockey picks up its pace as teams strive to make the cut for the playoffs.

What’s cool about spring training is that you get to zero out and start over. For Mets fans, like Annie here, the World Series loss to KC is a distant memory (Heck, she’s astonished they even made it to the World Series). Or at least it was until the various interviews popped up where Met’s manager Terry Collins provided his thoughts on the decision to let Matt Harvey stay in the game (Game 5). If you are curious, you can catch one of the interviews here.

Where’s Richard Fish when we need him? Bygones means bygones!

>> Notable Quotables:

This week, care of Adam Bryant’s Corner Office (Sunday New York Times) interview with Mr. Michael Dowling, the chief executive of Northwell Health.

And my mother always said, “Don’t ever let your circumstance interfere with your potential or limit your potential. You have unlimited potential to be successful if you work hard enough and if you work with people in a caring way.”

And this:

There’s an old saying: “The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.” It’s what you’re made of; it’s not your circumstance. People like to play victim too much. And obviously circumstances influence you, but they should never hold you back from succeeding.

Great ponderables!

We’ll close out this week’s column with an “oldie but goodie.”

I Love LA by Randy Newman

Stay curious (#SCMF) and may the Jedemi Force be with you!

-The Gang


Bonus Content

Tom Verducci Talks to Terry Collins

>> Bygones and Richard Fish of Ally McBeal

The Ally McBeal Dancing Baby

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  1. Mark Purdy has a nice write-up with Peter Ueberroth’s thoughts on the LA 2024 effort.

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