Petco’s New Tagline Emphasizes Differentiator…

Coming on the heels of Burger King doing away with the creepy king, a headline in one of the newsletters I get shouted, “Petco Revamps Logo, Tagline.”

For Burger King, the move was long overdue. But Petco??

If I want to see a Padres game while in San Diego, I tell folks I’m heading “Where the Pets Go.” It just flows, you know?

I was relieved to find out the tagline change was actually very subtle — they added the word healthy. To differentiate themselves, they are focusing on “pet well-being.” Part of that emphasis includes increasing the he number of natural and organic pet food brands available.

Per the Marketing Daily story:

The logo and tagline updates reflect transformations the San Diego-based pet supply retailer has made to its company, including remodeling stores with more of an emphasis on products that improve pet well-being. As Petco’s customers sought out higher quality products for their pets, the retailer increased the number of natural and organic pet food brands available. As sustainability became an issue for consumers, the retailer introduced Planet Petco, an environmentally friendly range of products. Petco’s overall vision is “Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.” While it’s not expressly used in advertising, the company wants to communicate that message in a more overt way, said Scott Blanton, VP brand creative at Petco.

New and remodeled stores will be the first to showcase the new branding via exterior signage. The game plan is to roll it out to all 1,100 Petco stores over the next 2-3 years.

And circling back to Burger King, the story is that the “creepy King” has been dumped in favor of emphasizing the “healthier options” on the menu. Here’s their new ad campaign for the California Whopper.


Note: Read this from USA Today to learn more about Burger King’s recent moves.

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