Phoenix-bound: Tale of a Tribute to Your SF Giants

This is a story about a labor of love. There was a write-up in the San Francisco Chronicle about a non-commissioned work of art created by magazine cover artist, Mark Ulriksen titled, “Your 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants.”

The canvas is 4 feet by 5 feet — definitely different from a New Yorker cover.  This is an action painting consisting of all nine starters with eight baseballs in play.

Talk about creative!

With the exception of pitcher Tim Lincecum and catcher Buster Posey sharing one ball, everyone else is either fielding or throwing in Ulriksen’s unique sporting style, which he’s heard described as “graceful awkwardness.”

He even found a way to work in the “Fear the Beard” closer, Brian Wilson.

This is one of those paintings/illustrations that you’ll want to study closely because so much is going on beyond the field.

The article talks about how Ulriksen swapped the Coke bottle in left field for a bottle of bubbly. It even has a reference to Willie Mays (hint: check the scoreboard clock).

Mr. Ulriksen has put over 300 hours into the painting with an end goal of having it ready for its premiere in Scottsdale the weekend of March 18 at the Don & Charlie’s steak house.

So how does one get a 4 feet by 5 feet masterpiece from SF to Arizona? In a borrowed van. The artwork will be packed in a box built by his wife, Leslie Flores, a photographer.

Here are some examples of Mr. Ulriksen’s other works. Note: In the “And the Winner Is…” cover, Mr. Ulriksen said he used “as many movie images as possible from the actual film posters with the favorite contenders closest to the Oscar.”


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