Punchy Gets a Refresh…

At first I was taken aback that there had been changes to Punchy — the spokes-mascot for Hawaiian Punch. According to this story, the new refreshed Punchy now features the hang-ten hand gesture instead of a punch and will portray a more energetic and playful personality than the feisty attitude that he first personified.

After revisiting the old commercials (see example below), I have to say I agree with the refresh with the exception of doing away with the punch. With the popularity of MMA, is actually is relevant. Add a few kicks and you’re good!


Notable: The original Hawaiian Punch recipe was first developed by A.W. Leo, Tom Yates and Ralph Harrison in a converted Fullerton, CA, garage in 1934.

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  1. Speaking of old school commercials — what about the Frito Bandito?

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