What We’re Reading – the 0716 edition

What We’re Reading – the 0716 edition

Time for an update on what’s on our reading stack (shelf, Kindle, iPad, etc.). Our serendipitous approach continues with a little assist from some housekeeping.

The Wire book David Simon

“The Wire: Truth Be Told”

While culling books as part of a Summer house purge, “The Wire: Truth Be Told” resurfaced
by Rafael Alvarez. The companion to the HBO series — which is so well written and performed that you can drop a DVD or stream it anytime and glean something new. Just got through the introduction by David Simon. Great stuff and well worth the price of admission.

We are still working our way through Martin Brodeur’s (Beyond the Crease) which we picked up because we’re curious about the mindset of someone playing that position. Just completed the section recalling his experiences on the Canadian Olympic team in Turin. He’s very personable and this is an enjoyable read.


Speaking of Canadian, we jumped on the chance to grab SportsNet magazine for viewing on the iPad Mini.

SportsNet Magazine

As seen on the iPad Mini

They seem to have a lot of fun with their masthead. Check it out!

The movie question...

The movie question…

Fresh perspective from north of the border and nice complement to the Sports Illustrated magazine received here by mail (BTW, Annie has been tearing off the SI covers because the last two were the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals winners. She isn’t a sore loser — she just doesn’t dig the big business influence on outcomes.).

On the iPad Mini is Krazy Kat — viewed using the Comixology app. Each page is dense with storytelling — super illustrations and dialogue in dialect (think Twain!).

Krazy Kat comixology

Back story on the Brick…

For those unfamiliar, Krazy Kat is an American newspaper comic strip by cartoonist George Herriman (1880–1944), which ran from 1913 to 1944. It first appeared in the New York Evening Journal, whose owner, William Randolph Hearst, was a major booster for the strip throughout its run.

We have one frustration. It seems like the app is always dumping us into a home page without acknowledging that we are in the middle of reading something (starting fresh each time). This happens even though we never close out. Weird. Don’t like the extra steps it takes to resume. Amazon bought Comixology. Now they need to somehow incorporate the Whispersync so reading is as seamless on the same device and between devices. Just saying.

Anyway, Krazy Kat is a fun, challenging and stimulating read.

In May we mentioned a book called “The Future of Golf in America: How Golf Lost Its Way in the 21st Century (and How to Get It Back)” by Geoff Shackelford. That’s presently on the back burner. Too much good stuff in the other “reads” we are pursuing.

As mentioned in the last edition of What We’re Reading, we are still dabbling in Sports Illustrated: Fifty Years of Great Writing: 50th Anniversary 1954-2004 which we picked up last August when we read a reference to an essay John Steinbeck wrote for Sports Illustrated in 1965 entitled “Then My Arm Gassed Up.” That’ll be ongoing for a while.

Mr. Robot Pilot – Back in the Mix

Mr. Robot Pilot in PDF

Mr. Robot Pilot in PDF

Season 2 of Mr. Robot begins this month.

For a refresher, not only are we streaming it on Amazon, but we are also reading the pilot (in PDF via the iPad Mini). As mentioned in our NVC – 0612 Edition, the writing is fantastic as you hear what’s going on in Elliot’s head – lots of voice over describing what he’s seeing, along with the dialogue which includes lots of techie and corporate references. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Worth checking out on Amazon Prime.

Having a #SCMF approach is fun as long as you have the discipline to keep the “plates spinning” as you bounce from book to kindle to iPad to…

What’s on your reading stack? Please let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting below.

Speaking of reading, thanks for taking the time to check out our post.

–The Gang

Another Reading Option — Try Our Book

  • Did you ever wonder why a song popped into your head seemingly out of nowhere, yet was quite appropriate for the occasion?
  • Or perhaps a thought sprung to mind that made you smile and say to yourself, “of course!”

In a very special café owned by a very special lady, spirits from the past arrived on a mission to ignite the imagination and enable the creative spirit which resides in all of us. The Jedemi Chronicles are a series of stories which capture the adventures of these spirits as they interact with the various people they encounter at the café – including its owner, Viv.

This episode is where Viv first finds out about the spirits and their connection to an enchanted jukebox which has come into her possession.

Sample page from Mr. Robot pilot.

Sample page from Mr. Robot pilot.


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