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Last month, Sharpie started a self expression campaign to try to raise the brand’s visibility in the months outside of the “Back to School” season.

TO Sharpie-Gate

TO Sharpie-Gate

Just think, nearly seven years ago (October 2002) Sharpie accomplished that in a “priceless” fashion during a Monday Night Football game when San Francisco 49er, Terrell Owens pulled a Sharpie out of his sock after scoring a touchdown, and signed the football for his business agent. That stunt is still talked about.

But I digress. The current, deliberate “uncap what’s inside” campaign looks really fun.   Sharpie has developed a community Web site,, where people can share ideas about how to use Sharpie markers to help personalize their lives.

New look lunch bag.

New look lunch bag.

You’ll see all kinds of pictures and videos of everyday items that they have been transformed using Sharpie markers. The game plan is for Sharpie to showcase the most inspiring in a special Sharpie Uncapped Gallery on the site.

During an interview with Marketing Daily, Sally Grimes, global vice president of marketing for Sharpie talked about the timing of the new campaign, stating “we’re starting now because we think Sharpie is about much more than a school supply. It’s a tool for self-expression not necessarily tied to any particular season.”

If you go to the site, look for ideas from the “Sharpie Squad,” a group of artists and bloggers who are inspired by Sharpie markers, who are offering tips and videos to give other users ideas for their own expressions.

It’s nice to see a company reaching out to engage our inner creative.

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