SCMF Musings: “Membering” Emerald’s Breakfast on the Go Campaign…


South Park’s Member Berries got us “Membering” the Emerald Breakfast on the Go campaign that we wrote about in April 2011. The ad has a catch phrase that we’re using 5+ years later. Enjoy!

During the opening games of the Major League Baseball season, a hilarious ad (see below) broke for Emerald’s Breakfast on the go! Nut & Granola Mix. Emphasizing the convenience of Emerald’s pouch of “natural energy” featuring Emerald Nuts, dried fruit and crunchy granola clusters, the visual gag really makes a point about the alternative — a granola bar.

In their press release, Diamond Foods, the parent of the Emerald brand, talked about the “Humanize Your Morning” campaign which kicked off March 31 with 15- and 30-second national TV spots, print advertisements and digital advertisements. It is the largest media campaign in support of a single product launch in the brand’s history.

The humorous campaign supports the irreverent tone expected from Emerald. This is the first creative campaign from Diamond Foods’ new brand agency, Deutsch/LA.

There are three distinct offerings: Berry Nut Blend, Breakfast Nut Blend and S’mores Nut Blend available in boxes of five convenient pouches with 200 calories or less per pouch.

And if Deutsch LA rings a bell, it is because they did the highly regarded Super Bowl Darth Vader ad for Volkswagen. See below:


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