Warning: Denny’s Unveils Shorts…

You may have heard that Denny’s has a new ad agency.  Back in July, less than six months after the Super Bowl campaign I wrote about, Denny’s and Goodby Silverstein parted ways.

So last week, I was made aware of a new Denny’s campaign that starred Jason Bateman along with David Koechner.  The company is now doing a new series of “humorous online shorts” that play off the new tagline:  America’s Diner is Always Open.

Of course, that makes you wonder why they didn’t book the Seinfeld gang.  But I digress.

AdAge did a story and I actually watched the Bateman short via Creativity Online.

Where was Chuck Barris when I needed him?

I wanted to gong so badly (SO BADLY!!).

But I hung out and watched the whole damn thing.

Bad idea. Not only was it annoying (and a waste of 3+ minutes of my life), but it pretty much made me want to run away (far, far away).

See for yourself (below) or on Denny’s YouTube Channel.


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  1. Looks like someone’s watching (http://tinyurl.com/6bu98vj). This story claims Denny’s’ awareness/impression score among 18-to-34-year-olds (as tracked by YouGov’s BrandIndex) has jumped from 6.2 to 254.

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