What? Why? When? New DirecTV Ad Transcends Conflict with Viacom

You may have heard that Viacom has reached an agreement with DirecTV after a 10-day blackout that shut 20 million subscribers out of popular networks Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, and two dozen others.

The disruption triggered some pretty cool creative ad work as the two companies took swipes at each other. This AdAge post talked about one of the ads, but it is too late to view it.

The ad has been pulled from YouTube.

Now that we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, check out this fine ad for DirecTV that features John Cleese of Monty Python fame.

As Creativity Online noted, this is one you’ll want to watch again and again. “It’s a masterfully directed, beautifully detailed video by Tom Kuntz and Grey New York.”

In 23 rapidly changing setups, John Cleese answers (and poses) basic “What?,” “Why?,” and “When?”questions about the new promotion. Some clever art direction makes it an ad you’ll want to record: Pause it during each scene to unearth hilarious, tantalizing details — including a butler who is willing to do it all, and more, for Mr. Cleese.

Pretty cool. Wonder if DirecTV will get a bump from this video going viral?


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