What’s for Dessert? Mousse Re-imagined in 2-minute

Usually when you hear the word ‘mousse,’ it is from a waiter handing you a dessert menu after an especially filling meal in a fine restaurant. Maybe you think to yourself, “One day, I will leave some room so I can try that.”

Well, you don’t have to eat out to have a mousse experience. In fact, this engineer figured out how to do a version of mousse in just 2 minutes. Intrigued?

The definition of mousse may surprise you because it is the French word for foam.
So keep that in mind as you check out this video and read the companion write-up for a Milk & Yogurt Mousse.

And if you are looking for a more traditional mousse, follow this link to the Serious Eats website where Lauren Weisenthal’s “Sweet Technique: How to Make Chocolate Mousse” appears.

She has some good background info on mousse and a slideshow.

Mousse became popular in the savory kitchen before the turn of the 20th century, and soon after, a very wise French pastry chef named Toulouse Lautrec came up with the idea of folding melted chocolate into meringue. Chocolate is by far the most popular flavor of mousse, because it’s the ideal way to enjoy pure chocolate flavor in the lightest possible form, especially following a large meal. Cooks can also make fruit flavored mousses using smooth fruit purees and heavy cream in place of the chocolate.

Ready to give it a try?

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