AWSI: Spy Ruled Back in the Day…

We were catching up on our online reading when we came across a reference to Spy Magazine. Bloomberg did a piece about how to get under Donald Trump’s skin — referencing Spy.

How do you get under Donald Trump’s skin, force him off his game? How do you go negative on a candidate who seems impervious to argument or insult, for whom the word ‘gaffe’ has no meaning? One possible model for waging total war on the current GOP front-runner can be found in the archives of Spy magazine.

The author builds a compelling case. Check out this chart.

Spy Magazine Archives via Google Books

Spy Magazine Archives via Google Books

That chart is followed by “The Donald J. Trump Insult Index.” Whoa!

So we followed the link to Google Books which has an archive of old Spy Magazines.

You could lose yourself for hours scoping out this issue — between the articles and the ads. Well worth the time though.

Let us know if you enjoyed this as much as we did.

–The Gang

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