Help Desk Utility Player Available…

Imagine the Ultimate Utility Player

  • The one who can jump in and make things happen.
  • The one who known for being resourceful with problem-solving ingenuity.
  • The one who is a wily veteran — lived through the clone wars and the emergence of the smart phone.
  • The one who has always been the tech “go to” when problems arise.
  • The one who operates with sense of urgency and prioritizes well.
  • The one who is an empathic listener.
  • The one who moves swiftly & smartly.
  • The one who thrives on all challenges (not just technical ones).
  • The one who is an extremely quick learner and very much self-propelled.
  • The one who can pinch hit at a moment’s notice and follow-through with dogged determination.

The one who believes that Helpdesk Support is not an merely an IT position for hardened techies. Rather, it is a position of business continuity — where communicating well, prioritizing well, managing expectations well and being pleasant to be around, are of utmost importance.

What you’ll get with Annie:

  • Someone who cut her teeth doing compatibility testing for PC clone-maker and ended up telling the engineers what was wrong, how to re-create the problem and sometimes, how to fix the problem.
  • Someone trusted to setup / troubleshoot computers at trade shows and help out in the booth — talking enthusiastically with customers who drop by.
  • Someone trusted by a high-end recruiting firm to keep systems running, set up new machines and phone systems while also serving as the Research Director looking for candidates to fill positions.
  • Someone who helped a PR agency transition from Macs to Windows while also doing special agent work assisting with business development, strategy sessions and client-related activities.
  • Someone who parlayed her tech know-how into writing about tech for “non-techies.”  Also wrote extensively about mobile devices and apps for Smartphone Experts
  • Someone who has worked with a myriad of high-tech clients in B2B and B2C (hardware, software, data centers), so she is well-rounded in all things tech.
  • Someone who spends her Sundays doing computer setup and various techie tasks at an ad agency in SF to support the IT Manager (Note: unpaid as he is her husband).
  • Someone who thrives on challenges, is highly energetic and eager to help.
  • Someone who digs baseball. Has participated in many fantasy leagues. Has the MLB package on DIRECTV (often watching the 8-games at once mix), and provided strategic marketing /communications counsel for a baseball app developer while also performing beta testing.

Annie with client.


Always on…


Let’s talk about your Help Desk Support needs.  Annie is a great “go-to” person who’d be an asset to your team — The ultimate utility player.

Thanks for your time!

Best Regards,

Annie representing herself.


About Annie Gladue-Latham:

Annie has been deeply involved in the high-tech industry (Macs and PCs) for over 20 years where tech support has always been part of her job. An excellent troubleshooter, she has the knowledge to track down the root cause of hardware and software problems and quickly prescribe solutions to reduce / eliminate downtime. Very hands on, she is comfortable “under the hood” as well as at the keyboard making fixes. A great communicator, she is also excellent at prioritizing and managing expectations.

She is a self-starter who prioritizes well (great sense of “first thing’s first”). She can work in pretty much any environment (individuals, small businesses without a regular support staff, and short-term/long-term contract support work). She has been called upon to help setup / configure computers for new employees. She also has filled in as necessary to accomplish those “housekeeping” projects that often get overlooked by a company’s busy support staff.

Furthermore, she is well rounded: Really good at strategic marketing and communications, website design and development, and social media — a strong utility player who can pitch in where needed.


  • Over 20 years of experience providing IT services and technical support for businesses and individuals who work in fast-paced environments and need a super responsive tech who can solve problems quickly.
  • Customer service minded with excellent “bedside manner.”
  • Knowledgeable at everything from setting up and troubleshooting computers (Macs and PCs) to configuring iPhones and Android-based devices, to handling WiFi connectivity issues, to ensuring a fail-safe backup systems are in place for mission critical applications.
  • High-energy, she’s fun to be around / work with.

Relevant Skills:

  • Proficient in Windows and Macintosh Operating System software configuration
  • Proficient in mobile device configuration and support
  • Proficient in network printer setup and support
  • Proficient in most popular Windows and Macintosh applications, particularly graphics, web development applications, and content management systems. Also proficient in desktop publishing and printing solutions.
  • Proficient in configuring mobile devices (iPhones, Android, BlackBerry) to receive email and sync with office and home computers.
  • Proficient in matters of connectivity (LAN, WAN, WiFi)
  • Knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP and DHCP configuration)
  • Experienced in network printer setup and support
  • Proficient in backup solutions


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