Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 122

Choices and another workmare... the adventure continues with a twist.

Choices and another workmare… the adventure continues with a twist.



The words fade from the screen.


Fran is sitting in the kitchen, enjoying what she sees of the sunrise. She’s sipping on a steaming cup of coffee while writing in her Journal.

Her voice is heard reading what is being written.

Note: As she describes things the page dissolves to re-create the scene and then dissolves back to her writing.


Morning Musings

While Fran is writing the scene dissolves into clips from the last two days showing Gayle.

We are our choices. If there was one takeaway from yesterday, that was it… a message that Gayle drove home again and again.

And just being around Gayle– listening to her stories, seeing how she really lives her bliss… It’s been very educational. It’s like she has internalized everything she has read and then figured out a “way” of living that works for her. And she’s incredibly happy! One of the happiest people I’ve ever met!

She is living it and setting a great example for us. And it’s not like she dropped out and joined a nunnery or anything like that. Rather, she has made choices that enable her to have time to live a more balanced existence. I admire her and hope that some day I have the courage to do the same. Right now I sort of dance in and out of it (I guess that would be called…recreational bliss!).

One thing that’s pretty funny is that unbeknownst to each other, we both had similar Lucy experiences and we both ended up using Pat Benatar music to help pull ourselves out of the pit we were each in.

Fran gets up and walks over to where the CD/tape player was and shuffles through a stack of CDs/Tapes.


Ah, here it is.

She holds up the case and admires it.


So powerful! So healing! (pause) Got to love INVINCIBLE as an amazing motivator.

Fran lowers the volume and pushes Play. It just so happens to be in the middle of INVINCIBLE and the familiar chorus is playing.


We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be Invincible
And with the power of conviction
There is no sacrifice
It’s a do or die situation
We will be Invincible…

Fran sits down and smiles as she’s listening to the music. Then she picks up her pencil and continues writing in her journal.


Yeah. That Gayle is pretty darn amazing. And while we’re on the subject of “amazing” – let’s discuss young Julie. That girl seems to be blossoming here at the beach.

Dissolve to sepia toned clips showing Julie conquering wood chopping.

She’s doing things that I would never have imagined her doing (in a million years!) -like swinging the axe like a pro. Wait ’til I tell Doogie (of course he’ll give me that “I told you so”) look.

Dissolve to clip of Julie abruptly leaving the beach.

I did notice that the work dragon wasn’t quite ready to let Julie fully relax… I guess I noticed it because it reminded me of the time I was riding the roller coaster. What I don’t remember is how I got off of it (seemed like some sort of Sisyphus curse).

Oh well, it’s getting late and before we leave and head back home, I am choosing to have a nice relaxing run on the beach. Maybe I’ll score a few more sand dollars.

— F

P.S. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out, with Julie’s journey and my own.

Fran closes her journal and walks down the hallway, past the room where Julie is sleeping.



Julie has found her way to the bed and is tossing and turning as she experiences her third “workmare.”



[this is a repeat of her previous two workmare with yet another twist]

Julie is seated (similar to the scene from the fishbowl on Friday). She has her notebook open and is jotting down notes. Then we see her look up and point to herself while looking to the left and right of her. The executive at the head of the table nods and steps aside–ushering her to the front of the room. Julie clicks the mouse, looks at the screen and is seen talking to the group with confidence (we don’t hear what she’s saying, we just pick it up through body language). All looks like it is going smoothly until we hear a voice from one side of the conference table.

Note: Very subtly in the background, Pat Benatar’s INVINCIBLE is playing. Very subliminal.


Excuse me. Could you please go back one slide?

Julie clicks the mouse.


Where did those numbers come from?


Last month’s summary report. I can get you a copy. I have an extra one back at my desk.

The E-Staff Member shakes his head.


Actually, I’d appreciate that. We can’t go into this new business meeting without all our ducks in a row. Let’s get together offline.


Great! Because there are quite a few more slides we need to get through so, if you don’t mind, I’m going to push ahead. A voice from the far end of the table pipes up.


Actually, it’s getting late. Let’s re-adjourn tomorrow and go through
this one more time.

Everyone in the room nods and quickly leave the room. Julie is the last one out.



We see Julie shuffling through papers and clicking through various screens on her computer. She is deep in thought and has lost track of time. Her PDA beeps insistently. After the third time, Julie finally looks up and checks her watch.


Yikes! I’m late!

She jumps into action. We watch as Julie grabs her things and race down the hallway. She slows up just as she gets to the conference room, which is dark. We see her check her watch and then open the door. The room is completely empty. Then we watch as

Julie jogs down the hallway to find various meeting attendees, but their offices are empty. She finally goes to the lobby and checks with the receptionist.


Oh! THAT new business dry run? It happened this morning at 10am.

She pauses to check her computer screen.


Yup. It was slated for 2pm but something came up and they decided to do it earlier.


For real?


For real. What? Were you supposed to be in that meeting?

Julie holds up a folder with a stack of papers.


Been prepping all morning. They seemed really concerned about some of the numbers in the presentation so I’ve been crunching– double-checking my work.


Sorry kiddo! I guess whatever came up got them distracted. Better luck next time…



Julie sits straight up and quite literally bounces out of bed.


Holy crap! What if our Monday meeting time has changed? What if I’m not back in time?

She starts running around digging through her suitcase. A knock on the door distracts her. Gayle pokes her head inside.


Ah. You’re awake! Good morning sunshine! I hope you slept well.

Gayle pauses to take in the look of panic on Julie’s face.


The shower’s all yours. And I’m guessing you’d like to get back sooner than planned? (pauses) No worries. We’ll have you and Fran on the earlier flight. Heck, it’ll be less crowded anyway.

Julie looks relieved.


Thanks! It’s been wonderful, but…


I know. We’ll try to get a few more whiffs of ocean air before packing you up and sending you on your way.


Gayle enters the kitchen and sees Fran pouring herself a cup of coffee. Fran motions to Gayle to see if she wants one. Gayle smiles and shakes her head.


Nah! I’m kind of coffee’d out. Besides, it’s time to get packed up and moving.


For real? I was hoping to get some reading in down at the beach.


Guess you’ll have to come visit again… soon!

Gayle points down the hallway.


Your young friend seemed a bit wound up this morning. Something got to her. Rather than feed her anxiety, it’s probably best that you guys head home on an earlier flight.




Come on… You know I’d do it for you. Cut her some slack. And please, don’t ride her about it.


Okay. I know… I know… it’s the acceptance thing. You are always telling me that I need to practice that more.


Here’s your chance. Now finish up. We’re hitting the road shortly.



To be continued in Toll House Tales #123

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