Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – Intro

THT: All Fired Up – Introduction

This is the story about three young women (ranging in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties) who end up spending an Autumn weekend together at an Oregon beach house.

For two of the women, this is a “welcomed” getaway– serving as an excellent opportunity for them to take a “time out” from the demands of their daily lives. They view this as a time to refocus their energy on their own personal journey — their quest to understand themselves better and especially, why they do what they do. For these two, the weekend also serves as “catch up” time as they reconnect, share “war stories,” and compare notes.

The third woman is a newcomer. While she welcomes this opportunity to bond with peers she perceives as “like-minded” (which to her means — committed to climbing the corporate ladder), she quickly learns that their world, compared to
hers, is as different as “night and day.”

Although she finds their world intriguing, she is unwilling to let go of her comfort zone– life as a corporate citizen.

The events that take place during that weekend help set the wheels in motion for a lifetime of adventure.

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