Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 128

Realization and resolve...

Realization and resolve…

The paper from Doogie’s pocket reveals a startling truth… its not the end, but the beginning.



Julie crunches up the paper and flings it across the room. Doogie remarks to Fran.


Hey, she’s got a good arm. Sign that girl up.

Of course, Julie hears Doogie’s wisecracking, and starts to pick up stuff from the couch to throw at him. He moves in on her quickly and playfully hugs her and gets her to settle down.


But its wrong… They used me. They friggin’ used me!


You know kiddo, that’s the way things go sometimes.


Yeah, sorry but… Welcome to corporate!


Corporate sucks!


Yeah… it certainly does!

Julie has let go of Doogie and is now pacing around the room.


It’s not kind. And it certainly isn’t how any of us envisioned it… but it is what it is.

Fran gives Doogie a look. He gives her a look back.




You know that… that te-le-o-logic-thing?


It’s non-teleological as seen in Sea of Cortez… Like, yeah I know it.

Julie is looking confused.


What? What are you guys on about?


No worries. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up (he winks).


Yeah? Okay… whatever. So now what? What do I do? I can’t go back there.


Oh yes you can… but perhaps not today.


Yeah, it’s best to face the corporate beast with a game plan. And a big part of that plan involves a shift in attitude. Right Fran?


Correct-a-mundo! What we all seemed to have learned the hard way is that it’s best not to stake so much of your self to that silly corporate beast, because that animal will suck the life out of you…

Doogie chimes in.


Yeah. And the bosses will have cashed out and moved on, and you’ll be left standing there — a shadow of the person you once were.

All grows silent and they watch as the message sinks in. After what feels like a minute, Fran pipes up.


Okay, girl. Get dressed! Time’s a wastin’!


Didn’t you hear me. I’m not going back there…


Doogie, do me a favor and open up that front door again.

Julie is mouthing the words “No!”


Okay, Doogie. Now step outside and take a deep breath.

Doogie walks out into the afternoon sun and breathes deeply. Fran motions Julie to take a look.


Now, Doogie… what do I usually say to you on days like today.

He holds his hand to his chin and playfully ponders.


It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame?

Fran laughs.


No, silly. I mean. Yeah… I have said that. But what else have I said.

She points West as a hint.


Oh yeah. Right!

“Sun’s out, surf’s up! Let’s load up the wagon and go!

Julie is shaking her head and turns to go back inside.


Come along.

Doogie ushers her towards Fran’s car.


We’re going West, young lady. Now let me lock up for you.

Doogie gently removes the keys from Julie’s hand and takes care of the front door before easing into the back seat. Fran starts the car and heads toward the freeway.

Doogie leans forward and puts a tape into the car stereo


Hope you don’t mind. I thought I’d borrow it.

Before he can hit play, Fran stops him.


Wait. You better make the call before we forget. (to Julie) Could you reach into my backpack and grab my phone?

Julie manages to spill out some of the contents. She hands the phone to Doogie and then takes a closer look at a book that spilled out (DEEPAK CHOPRA’S SEVEN LAWS OF SPIRITUAL SUCCESS). Fran looks over at her.

An appropriate find...

An appropriate find…


Go ahead. Flip through it.

Doogie can be seen on the phone (he’s talking to the receptionist at work).


Thanks again for the printout. (pause). Yeah it helped. (pause) Yeah. You got that right. We won’t be back today. (pause) Tell them we’re in an offsite for a new marketing campaign… that is, if they ask. I doubt they’ll even notice. (pause) You’re the best, thanks!

Doogie hangs up and hands the phone to Julie.


Okay. Let ‘er rip!

Fran hits play and the soothing sounds of Pat Benatar (ALL FIRED UP) fill the car as it zips down Highway 17:


I believe there comes a time
when everything just falls in line.
We live and learn from our mistakes.
The deepest cuts are healed by fate.

All Fired up…

Fran joins in the chorus followed by Doogie and then Julie. They are all singing as the scene fades into a glowing orange sun and then the credits scroll.



Bonus Content…



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