He Said That?

At the 1936 Academy Awards, apparently the president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences said something very interesting about “the Oscar.” And that president just so happens to be one of the Jedemi LP gang. What prompted him?

iBA-Viv Chapter 33

Notes & References for Chapter (Scene) 33A – “Sunday: Now you’ve done it…” JedeMic Night almost thwarted… The scene opens with Walking & Swinging playing by Andy Kirk & His Clouds of Joy (featuring Mary Lou Williams). ***** Also in this section is a reference to the movie “Cinema Paradiso.”… more »

Eyewitness Accounts of the 1906 Earthquake…

In his post of the 7 stories to read this weekend, Om Malik gave a shout out to Jack London: The story of an eye witness: Jack London, a San Francisco writer, wrote about the 1906 earthquake that almost destroyed the city by the bay. This is amazing writing from… more »

The Enchanted Jukebox: Some History

I’ve been asked for specifics about the Enchanted Jukebox that is the focus of the first episode of Jedemi Chronicles (Title: “Ring Dem Bells” – Tale of the Enchanted Jukebox”). Viv is drawn to its colors. Even unplugged it seemed pulsing with life. After doing some legwork, it appears that… more »

Notable Quotables from Dorothy Sayers

I am reading The Passionate Intellect: Dorothy L. Sayers’ Encounter with Dante By Barbara Reynolds, and I came across this awesome quote: You are, of course, perfectly right — I never do anything (I mean , I never write anything) that I don’t like writing, or about anything or anyone… more »