Illuminating WSJ Photo-Op…

Thanks to this “Photo-Op: Idea Man” piece in the Weekend section of The Wall Street Journal, we got a glimpse of how light bulbs seemingly stimulated the imagination of artists in the early 1900s. The picture they ran made you stop and think: It is Hans Finsler’s 1927-28 photograph ‘Electric… more »

About Tommie…

Tommie is Thomas Edison, the most prolific inventor in American history –having developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world: the first commercial light bulb, a universal stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, electrical power, recorded music, motion pictures, and more. He amassed a record 1,093 patents covering… more »

Edison in Paris – from YouTube?!

While doing research for Episode 1 of the Jedemi Chronicles (Note: Up to this point we’ve had prequels and a pilot), my path led me to Lost Pins in Paris. Specifically, I wanted to know if Thomas Edison (AKA “Tommie”) had spent time in the “City of Lights.” Sure enough,… more »

Watts Up? Edison’s Classic Bulb Trendy in NY

A story in The New York Times pointed out how the classic, Thomas Edison light bulb (filament style) is making a come back: “The filament light is now so ubiquitous that it has prompted a backlash among those who deem it overexposed – a badge of retro cool that is… more »