AWSI Musings: Ts & Cs You’ll Enjoy Reading…

We introduced the “SNapkin” concept in this post. Here’s another to peruse and ponder.  Enjoy!—The Gang


Bet you never thought reading legal mumbo-jumbo would be fun. We didn’t until we saw this piece in AdAge about an artist who turned the Apple iTunes Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) into a very readable graphic novel.

Mr. R Sikoryak discussed one of the challenges:

“…I knew I needed some sort of linking device for all the pages, and part of that is done by the apples that replace baseballs or replace the moon or replace superhero emblems. And also there are a lot of characters that are holding iMacs and iPads and other devices. But what really clinched it for me was, and this was sheer accident, but me thinking about iTunes, my mind immediately went to Jobs, and then from there I realized that his costume is so iconic…”

AWSI, This “sheer accident” was serendipity at work. We love it!


And The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

Enjoy this creative take on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Thanks for reading!


—Dossie & The Gang

Note: The graphic novel can be viewed on Mr. Sikoryak’s Tumblr and purchased from comics publisher Drawn and Quarterly.

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