AWSI: Cultivating Golfer Confidence is Doable – Part 3


This is the third in our series of AWSI posts in response to a piece appearing in The Wall Street Journal (Americans Want to Play Golf—Until They Try It).

Note: You can find the earlier posts here:
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Besides getting your swing down and having a decent sense of what to do on the course, another way to feel more comfortable is to blow up another paradigm and dress different with an emphasis on functionality NOT the country club look or that other, dressing “clownish” look.

golf clothes shorts hoody trail shoes

Comfort (able) Clothing: It’s okay to dress more like an athlete for this style of golf. You don’t need fancy shoes or fancy clothes.

>> Try trail running shoes. They are a lot less expensive and will give you plenty of traction. Here are a couple of options from Saucony.

Saucony Perrigrine

An option to consider

Saucony trail running shoes

Awesome Traction!

Another good option is this Saucony Xodus.

Another good option is this Saucony Xodus.

Saucony Xodus Trail Running shoes

Pretty good traction!

Here’s a video review of the Xodus 5.0.

This isn’t such an off-the-wall recommendation. Spikeless golf shoes have been trending for a while.

Puma spikeless golf shoes

Puma spikeless golf shoes.

If you look at the spikeless golf shoe options, you’ll see that the trail running shoes have much more traction — plus they can be multi-purposed. A golf shoe is just a golf shoe.

>> Try a pair of relaxed fit cargo shorts. You can keep spare golf balls and tees in the right pocket for ready-golf mulligans.

Union bay cargos

Annie favors Union Bay cargos.

Union Bay’s website has good deals.
JC Penney always has good prices plus coupons and ship-to-store options.

JCP UnionBay Cargo Shorts

Union Bay Cargo Shorts

>> Embrace the hoody (hoodie). If you ARE playing in the early morning or at twilight as suggested in the previous post, the hoodie offers a great way to stay warm without restricting movement.

hoodie outerwear

Comfort hoodie for golf.

A recent discovery was the Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody.

Patagonia tropic hoodie

Lightweight hoody by Patagonia

For cooler temps, Mountain Hardwear has good hoodie options. Here’s an example

Stay tuned for more Cultivating Golf Comfort (CCC) Tips.

Thanks for reading!

–The Gang

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