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Seems like there’s a lot of early April-Foolery going on… or not. Hard to tell. For the second time this week, a sneaker / shoe headline grabbed our attention.

Email blast.

Email blast.

Say what??

The HT3 sneaker reflects the vehicle’s design. They got our attention so we clicked to learn more.

The full post.

The full post.

First of all, we noticed that the writer of the piece also put driving shoe in quotes. We had already done that mentally as we suspected they were playing “loose” with the language.

Next, we saw the HT3 Driving Shoe is a “limited-edition,” which probably will garner it more attention.

It sells for $100, so this isn’t some bobblehead, garden gnome tchotchke. It’s for real.

Huh, we thought. So what’s the deal here?

That’s when we noticed that this shoe was announced at an event hosted by Thrillist ( that ties into the launch of the 10th-generation Honda Civic. The event was hosted by Thrillist.

[Click here for a quick look at the 1st through 9th-generation Honda Civics]

As opposed to the Nike / McDonald’s waffle shoe that wasn’t a true collaboration, this one truly is (Thrillist, JackThreads and Honda Team Up to Create Exclusive HT3 Driving Shoe​)

The Thrillist post.

The Thrillist post.

We were amused how they worked to connect the “sporty and dynamic styling” of the driving shoes to the three core design aspects of the new 2016 Honda Civic: – high touch, high tension and high tech. Yeah right…

Driving Shoe?

Sorry to keep harping on this, but to us a driving shoe looks more like what Puma is selling on their website.

Puma's driving shoes.

Puma’s driving shoes.



A key driving shoe feature.

A key driving shoe feature.

Do you see what we see? Yup, a rounded driver’s heel. That’s key for a true driving shoe.

For the purpose of this newsworthy publicity stunt, we get why they played “loose” with the language.

The Thrillist / JackThreads Connection – Beware:

Perhaps it is too harsh a term, but Thrillist is masterful at generating clickbait.

Lots of clickable goodies here.

Lots of clickable goodies here.

A while back, something they posted grabbed our attention and we actually took action to opt-in for their emails. We kind of regret the move since it opened us up to receiving emails early and often. They post some interesting stuff which can become quite the time sink. Reader beware.

AWSI, what they did worked and we applaud their effort. We aren’t in the market for a Honda Civic X or its too cool for school, HT3 driving shoes. But as an attention getter, they scored big time.

What do you think?


-The Gang

Bonus Content

Also, it seems to us that a cool car with cool “driving shoes” needs a “cool song.”

How’s this?

BTW. We happened to notice that she has teamed up with Nick Jonas as part of the Honda Civic Tour this summer.

2016 Honda Civic Tour Headliners.

2016 Honda Civic Tour Headliners.

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