SCMF Musings: Nike Ready to Leverage NBA Finals…

Nike LeBron Soldier NBA Finals

We certainly weren’t surprised when we saw this story.


According to, the Nike LeBron James Soldier 10 on NIKEiD will be available June 21 in limited quantity.

As seen during Game 4 (AKA the Step-over game) of the series, the story goes on to explain how “LeBron put the team on his back and led the Cavaliers to an improbable comeback and won the city of Cleveland its first sports championship in over half a century.”

That’s certainly a great story line for Nike.

By the way, another website called, posted a breakdown of all the shoes worn by “King James” during the NBA Finals.

Nike LeBron shoes NBA Finals

It took 7 games, but 8 pairs including 5 Soldier 10’s with 4 different coolorway and 3 LeBron 13 Elites with 3 different colorways. The only shoe that LeBron James wore twice it’s the one actually releasing this week. World makes sense again.

Lots for “sneakerheads” to choose from.

And in case you are wondering, another sneakerhead website did something more common in the tech world — a deconstruct post.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10

Which offered a link to this post that provides all kinds of details about the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 shoes.

Price?? Curious as to how expensive the LeBron shoes were, we looked around to try to get a sense of the price. The closest thing we found was on the store which showed the previous generation of LeBron Soldier iD shoes were listed at $175.

Sneakers are big business. Great day / week / month (and months ahead) for Nike and the sneakerhead shops. For sure, Under Armour (UA) has some work to do…

Thanks for reading and #SCMF!

—The Gang

Bonus Content:

Nike had this “in the can” ready to go… An ad that put the Cavs win into perspective (“Bigger than the game of basketball”).

We guess it helps soften the blow for Warriors fans, but still — The NBA Finals ARE bigger than basketball and the impact on fans. The Finals are big (HUGE) business for shoe companies and broadcast companies alike. It is what it is.

This Just In…

Looks like Under Armour (UA) HAS shifted gears — now focusing on the Summer Olympic Games.

UA Olympics


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