SCMF Musings: Coffee Joins Waffles in Nike’s Food-Inspired SB Line…


Trending this week is a viral story about Nike releasing a “Starbucks Edition” sneaker which is brown-colored with streaky swirls of khaki, which of course looks like the steam from a fresh cup of joe.


Nike shoes with a side of Starbuck’s


Nike Starbucks shoes top view

Retailing for $100, the stories popping up on Google (mostly b-roll video) refer to it as the “Nike SB Dunk Low Premiere Starbucks Edition.” Perhaps is went viral because people are fascinated with the idea that Nike is collaborating with its Pacific Northwest neighbor Starbucks (Heck, some may even assume that the SB means StarBucks, right?).

Okay so here’s the scoop:

>> According to David Kiefaber of Adweek, “This is not an official Nike-Starbucks partnership.”


>> The SB stands for Nike’s skateboarding brand.


Lots of SB shoes on Nike’s website.


Sweet basketball shoes.

Maybe that’s because they are part of Nike’s basketball line (Kyrie 2 for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving). The impressive looking road show (see pictures below) was timed for the NBA playoffs —making stops in Cleveland, Baltimore, Harlem, and in Brooklyn.




AWSI, Nike seems to be taking its cue from quick serve food establishments in creating limited edition menu items. Interesting and definitely a good way to generate publicity.

Now what we are waiting for is a Nike-McDonald’s Drink Run shoe.



-The Gang

Humorous Kyrie Krispy Kreme ad:

Note: The Nike website has


NIKE SB Dunk Low Premium shoe

that looks just like the Starbucks edition and also sells for $100.

Style: 313170-213
Khaki/Pine Green/Baroque Brown/White

Makes you wonder which came first…

And continuing on that thought, we re-read the AdWeek story and noticed it links to the “Premier” website (, which shows Style#: 313170-213.


Nike Premium Style#: 313170-213

Both have the same style SKU.

So did everyone copy each other in their posts and rename the premium shoes “Premiere” ? Or maybe, the Premier Store was behind this viral story. Interesting #SCMF ponderable…


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