SCMF Musings: Big Brands Make us Go Hmmm…

Crest Holiday Ready

Hmmm indeed!

We love checking out the Sunday ad inserts. It’s fun to learn what’s new. Plus we get a chance to stimulate our curiosity by studying layout and ad copy with an eye on messages and effectiveness.
It’s another form of our geekiness.

So we perused the P&G November 2016 brandSAVER free-standing insert.

Turned the page to find this.

Holiday Ready?

Holiday Ready?

The copy specifically says “get your home Holiday Ready with great savings.”

Notice that there’s this “3 benefits in 1” Crest 3DWHITE toothpaste in the middle of the page.


Wait… what?

Are they proposing toothpaste to be some magical way of readying your home? Can it be used to scrub stains out of your sink or deal with a grout issue?

The copy also states:

“Removes up to 80% of surface stains.”

So maybe it IS a kitchen sink thing we didn’t know about. We Googled and this came up:


Search results all pointed to the normal use of Crest 3D.

So we adjusted the parameters and searched again…


All about being smile ready, so we believe this was a trick (perhaps timed with Halloween since it appeared October 30.

Anyway, this gotcha has an upside in the form of a $1.00 coupon.

And speaking of gotchas AND coupons, we saw this:

Wrigley pricing promo

It got us to go looking for the magical 5-cent deal as mentioned in the MediaPost article.

We read that the current suggested retail for a pack of the company’s Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, Winterfresh or Big Red gum is 35 cents. Followed the link to for the 30-cent coupon, but no luck.

AWSI, this was great for awareness, however we wonder if there will be any backlash?

Then again, if Cubs win it all, probably not.


—The Gang

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