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An interview with Domino’s Pizza CIO in The Wall Street Journal made us want to stop and write about how those guys are doing all the right things in a relatively “meh” space of pizza.  You have topping combinations and deals driving traffic.  But loyalty is an entirely different subject.  Pizza IS pizza, right?

Clearly, through embracing innovation as a driver, Domino’s is seeking to separate themselves from the pack.

The CIO, Kevin Vasconi, talked about how customers placed order using whatever methods were convenient — so the company expanded the available methods to include: texts, tweets, smartwatch, smart TV and speaking to Alexa on the Amazon Echo.

Many ways to order...

Many ways to order…

You can also do it the “old fashion way” via phone or on their website, which was pretty hip back in 2014 when we got a free pizza as part of their DomiNoNo promotion where fans of Major League Baseball can win a pizza when a pitcher throws a no-hitter.

And There’s More Innovation…

Besides being dedicated to convenience innovations, what about just way cool stuff?

Every time we see an ad featuring the Domino’s DXP (Delivery eXPert), a modified Chevrolet Spark tricked out with a warming oven (hat can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and space for 80 pizzas, sides, two-liter bottles of soda and dipping sauces, we are like… “Whoa!”

Quite a bit has been written about it — back in October 2015, like this from the Detroit Free-Press.

  • The DXP is built for one purpose only: the delivery of Domino’s pizzas (and breadsticks, and salads, and wings).
  • There is no passenger seat.
  • There are no back seats.
  • Every inch of the vehicle, outside of the driver’s seat is designed to transport pizza or side dishes.
  • There are little cubby holes carved out so that side dishes and pop don’t slide around during the drive.
  • Thus far only 100 of the vehicles have been fabricated.
  • They’ll be sent to select Domino’s corporate stores, while franchisees have the option to buy them, which will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000, a Domino’s spokeswoman said.
  • Detroit is the first market to have DXP vehicles on the road.

We highly recommend you explore their website dedicated to the DXP.


The landing page.

The landing page.

AWSI, Domino’s is a company to watch.  And in case you are wondering, their pizza is pretty good and the Parmesan Bread Bites were awesome.


You might want to give them a try.  Also, pay attention to see what their competition does to try to keep up.



Bonus Content

Sweet write-up

Sweet write-up


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Opinion piece here.

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  1. Looks like they are at it again with yet another innovative campaign: Zero-Click ordering.—-when-one-click-is-one-too-many-300246647.html

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