AWSI: Lacoste’s Beautiful Sport Ad Has Wings…

The Lacoste ad (Tagline: Life is a Beautiful Sport) which appeared in the Sunday NY Times caught our eye. The gentleman on the light pole reminded us of one of our favorite movies: Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders.

Lacoste Ad - Beautiful Sport

Lacoste Ad – Beautiful Sport

There is no specific all to action. The impression it left on us had to do with an attitude we should take as we move about in our daily lives. It also made us want to revisit Wenders’ gem. You can link to the trailer here (Embedding has been disabled).

Angels side-by-side.

Angels side-by-side.

Circling back to Lacoste’s campaign, we did find a video of it.

And this Inspiration Room post provided more details:

“Life is a beautiful sport” (La vie est un sport magnifique), has been developed to represent Lacoste’s founding values. Whether on the playing field or in everyday life, the Lacoste story has its heritage in a quest for authenticity, performance and elegance. Founder René Lacoste never considered sport as just a physical performance, but as a proof of tenacity, engagement and panache. Life is a sport, a challenge that demands courage but above all, an incredible playground.

We like it! Definitely gets us to view the crocodile differently.

Stay curious my friends!


By the way, looks like Macy’s has incorporated the Lacoste artwork into their website.

Macy's Lacoste Embedded Ad

Macy’s LaCoste Embedded Ad

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