AWSI: Crunching On is a Good Thing, But…

Almonds are good for you.  We know that.  A handful of “toast ’til toasted” almonds can do wonders for maintaining your energy level.

We were amused by this ad promoting California almonds that appeared in Sunset Magazine’s October 2014 issue.

The energizer almond kid.

The almond kid.


That energizer almond kid certainly was an eye catcher / page flip stopper.

So we slowed up and read the copy.

Grams of goodness.

Grams of goodness.


Almonds indeed have great stuff inside!

  • 6g of energy-giving protein
  • 4g of Hunger-slaying fiber

However, it was the numbers that tripped us up.  What was the assumed serving size?

Sideways for details.

Sideways for details.

Ah!  Turn the ad sideways and you get this: One serving of almonds (28g) has…

Huh?  So how many almonds make up 28g?

We did a little detective work via the kitchen scale, and it looks like 24 to 25 almonds.

When we think almonds, its maybe 6-9 at a shot as an energy booster.  But nearly 4x the amount?!
Can that be right?

So we jumped on the Internet and poked around.

Looks like 23 almonds in a serving, so we were pretty close.

Almonds - Nutritional Facts.

Almonds – Nutritional Facts.

That’s still a lot of almonds.

On, we learned more about the value of almonds.



Chart from

In our view, this is an awesome campaign in terms of giving you a snapshot of the feeling you can get from eating almonds.  However, in our view, you should eat smaller amounts with plenty of water and chew (a lot!).

Crunch on for sure!

-The Gang

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