AWSI: Prince Fan Art is Inspiring…

A very visually, powerful tribute to Prince appeared on The Little Prince Official Facebook page.

Amazing fan art.

Amazing fan art.

There were over 40K shares!

We are especially impressed with the labors of love that appear on that page and emanate from The Little’s “Fan Art Friday” posts.

Examples of Little Prince-inspired fan art.

Examples of Little Prince-inspired fan art.

Truly inspiring. Fits our “Jedemi Idea, Energy, Power” concept.


Back to the Prince / Little Prince astounding, inspiring artwork, it got us thinking of some notable quoteables from the book that are worth sharing in this context.

Take a peek here:

Thanks for reading / viewing!
And, as always, #SCMF !

—The Gang

Inspired by Prince

Inspired by Prince

Examples of fan art found at the “Fan Art Friday” posts appearing on website.


Little Prince fan art



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