AWSI: Inspired by a Railroad?

Tommie brought this to our attention.  The USA Olympic hockey team (men and women) has a logo on its uniform that looked really, really familiar.  So he did some digging.

Separated at birth..

Separated at birth?

According to the Union Pacific website, its shield is “one of the nation’s most respected and recognized corporate logos; a symbol of strength reflecting America’s heritage.”

They also note that during the company’s 150-year history, “the shield has mirrored the styles and economic trends that shaped both the railroad and the nation.”  And now, apparently this shield has inspired the logo for the USA Olympic hockey team.

Interesting, right?

The picture above came from a post at USA Today about today’s game.

While watching the game, an ad came on for the BMW x5 and in it there was a train being all respectful of the X5.




A coincidence?

Ponder that!

-The Gang


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