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The Sunday New York Times had a story about how the Mets’ Class AA affiliate which has been located in Binghamton, N.Y., since 1992, is now in the process of coming up with a new name.

Mets AA name options

Tough choice.

The six options in color.

The six options in color.

The Binghamton Mets (AKA B-Mets with a really cool bee as part of its logo) are looking for a replacement name with greater links to the area. Per said John Hughes, the team president:

Ideas were solicited online, and 1,500 were received. The goal, was ‘a name that captured and embraced the community — something with a positive, uplifting story to it.’

Which brings us to the picture in the article of the six finalists that are being voted on for the new name.

At first glance, these are just words on a sign without context or a strong visual. How the heck can you choose?

Stepping Back — The Mets Family.

Mets affiliate family...

Mets affiliate family…

What we like so far is the strong visuals for all the current affiliates.

Battling Bee

Battling Bee

The play on the “B” in Binghamton being a bee (fierce, determined one), is actually pretty cool. Definitely don’t think of “bland Mets” when we see that logo.

Single A Cyclones

Single A Cyclones

At Single-A, the Mets are the Brooklyn Cyclones — named after a famous amusement park ride. Good looking logo and it definitely fits the “local” requirement. Read more about its history here.

Triple-A Mets.

Triple-A Mets.

At Triple-A, the Mets affiliate is the Las Vegas 51s — with an alien worked into the logo. They are named for Area 51 which is located near Rachel, Nevada, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas.

Looking Ahead — The Six Options

Per the Times’ story, four of the choices allude to the local merry-go-rounds that have given Binghamton the nickname the Carousel Capital of the World: the Rocking Horses, the Rumble Ponies, the Timber Jockeys and, yes, the Stud Muffins.

The choices are rounded out by Bullheads, celebrating a local fish, and Gobblers, in honor of the wild turkeys of the region.

Digging further, we found out that “Stud Muffins” celebrates the collection of carousel horses belonging to Binghamtonians. Yeah, we’re still not seeing it. But clearly the name has everyone stirred up as this story went way viral.

In our quest to learn more (#SCMF), we finally found someone who took a shot at illustrating the names.

B-Mets name options illustrated.

B-Mets name options illustrated.

While amusing, still not seeing how “Stud Muffins” would play out.

Narrow it Down then Shoot it Out.

Our suggestion (thanks, Dossie!), is to narrow down the six to three (or two) and then have some visual representations mocked up as part of the process. And then, put those up against our personal favorite — the Binghamton Bee (Battling Bees… why not?).

Just saying. It’s more than the words. It how you see it and hopefully, wear it.


-The Gang


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