AWSI: Things We Didn’t Know We Needed…

We’ve been talking about Active Exploration (AE) as something we all should be doing (rated “E” for Everyone). It isn’t limited to magazines and other publications. Print ads and those “free standing inserts” (FSI) from the Sunday paper can easily stimulate the curious mind and generate some ponderables.

For example, in a recent Parade magazine, there appeared an ad for Trident gum. Up to this point, when thinking about Trident, what popped to mind was that slogan “Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum.”

Sure sounded good.

Environmentally-Friendly Gum Ad.

Environmentally-Friendly Gum Ad.

What we weren’t expecting was a sort of environmentally friendly message (note: It wasn’t an Earth Day ad) with these benefits:

  • No wrappers (stated twice)
  • No mess
  • Help fight cavities

And, of course, this is all for “the gum you love.” Wow, it’s good for you and for the environment. What a win-win!

Next we came upon a Berkeley Farms ad for milk.

The 5-Points DairyPure ad.

The 5-Points DairyPure ad.

Normally milk ads tout the benefits of drinking the beverage. This ad, however, seemed hell-bent on creating a preference for their brand of milk over the store brands with the launch of DairyPure.

Up to this point, the only labeling we cared about when it came to milk was the whole “rBST-free” thing.

But this Berkeley Farms ad put “purity” on the radar letting us know of their “5-Point Purity Promise!” (with a ™).  Whoa!

  • No artificial hormones (check)
  • All milk tested for antibiotics (check)
  • Continually quality tested to ensure purity (check — and a reinforcing their chosen name)
  • Only from cows fed a healthy diet (check — whatever that means)
  • Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy (check )

Who knew? They’ve got the only milk to make such claims. Perhaps, the only milk with a significant ad budget. Really, store brands are probably looking at this saying, “meh.” The coupon gives you whopping 55-cents off (woo-hoo!) a gallon, Can’t wait to see what premium price they are charging.

Note:  They are touting their website ( which seems to be focused on helping folks find DairyPure milk. Points for closing the loop.

Moving right along, one more notable from the dairy section. You may have heard of almond milk.  But did you know that there was another type of nut trying to elbow its way into the dairy case?

Cashew the new Skim.

Cashew the new Skim.

Silk Cashew!

It is “creamier than skim with fewer calories.”


They’ll give you a 75-cent break to try a half gallon. That’s committing to a lot of ounces though.

A quick Google search unearthed some activity in late-2014 — which we are guessing is when this product was first rolled out.  Wonder how their numbers are looking?  Seems to us that they need to partner with some coffee places (Peet’s, Starbuck’s) to get people to try this relatively new beverage in smaller quantities.  Maybe offer a coupon at the register.

Our point is that you can engage your curious mind anytime you want — especially when it comes to consumer brands telling you stories of why you need them in your life. Fun stuff to ponder.

If you’ve seen something ponderable during your active explorations, please let us know.

Stay curious my friends!

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