AWSI: It Does a Body Good…

While cruising through the coupons in Sunday’s paper, we came upon one that urged us to “TRY WHEATIES WITH CHOCOLATE MILK!”

Er… Okay. We’ll ponder that because, after all, it should “Awaken the Champion Within.”

Then again… seriously?

Chocolate for Champions...

Chocolate for Champions…

We’ve been told chocolate milk is making a comeback as a recovery drink. So that part makes sense. Our experience with Wheaties is that they taste kind of like cardboard straight out of the box with regular milk, so they might be onto something by combining both for the ultimate champion meal.

But we’ve collectively decided it isn’t for us. We’ll stick with the Mocha Chai beverages served here at Jedemi.


While we were kicking around the idea of chocolate milk on Wheaties, Mr. Beer Milkshake over here (that would be Doc), reminded us about a beverage he read about that was all the rage back in the 50s — Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink — AKA “The Drink of Champions.”

Throwback Chocolate for Champions...

Throwback Chocolate for Champions…

Yankees catcher Yogi Berra was the spokesperson. Yup: Yogi for Yoo-Hoo!

Yogi for Yoo-Hoo!

Yogi for Yoo-Hoo!

Yogi was named VP of Yoo-Hoo Soft Drink in 1956. When asked if it was hyphenated, he replied, “No ma’am, it’s not even carbonated.”

Here is Yogi in action.

We ended up digressing into a discussion about Yogi that went well into the evening / wee hours of the morning. AWSI, he is a topic of several other posts.

Stay curious!


And if you want to learn more about Yogi, check out this clip.

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