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In our last post, we pointed out how there is way “Too Much Peyton” (even hashtagged it as #TMP). The last straw was the news he stole the OtterBox gig away from Ollie the Otter. That didn’t sit well with us (#HelpOllie), or Ollie as the case may be.

What follows is the start of the tale of how Ollie Strikes Back! Enjoy!

The scene opens with Ollie the Otter in the corner of an airport bar. Head down (hang dog), slumped in his chair, he’s not a happy camper. Of course being pummeled by Peyton ads which can be seen from the TVs throughout the place isn’t helping his mood.

A voice can be heard: “Flight’s delayed! We’re going to be here a while.”

From the other side of the bar, a table of folks crank up 50-cent and start singing along…

A couple of stools get tipped over as the whole bar starts surrounding a big Yogi-like bear wearing a Cal sweater.

Someone in a Cal hoodie spies Ollie and pulls (drags) him into the group sing-along. The people are so effusive and energetic that for a few moments, Ollie forgets his misery.

Then this came up on the bar’s TVs…

…And Ollie flips out. He knocks over some chairs and then escapes to a far corner of the Gate area away from the bar.

His actions were observed by the Yogi-like bear who excused himself by motioning in the direction of the rest room.

Wandering the airport, the bear manages to locate Ollie who is sitting on the ground with his eyes starring straight ahead.
The bear pokes Ollie to get his attention and then points to the bar motioning Ollie to come back. Ollie shakes him off a couple of times. But the bear won’t leave, so reluctantly, Ollie shrugs his shoulders in an “oh.. alright” gesture gets up and follows the bear.
otterbox pos display

As they walk past a kiosk, the bear comes to an abrupt stop causing Ollie to collide into him. Motioning, he points to the Otterbox and then over to Ollie — who shakes his head up and down (a “yes” motion).

The bear nods, gives Ollie a high-five and pulls him quicker back to the bar.

“Hey, Oski! Running out on your own party? What’s up with that?”

Ollie gives Oski the bear a look (as in, my new friend has a name). Then the greeter in a Cal hoodie hands Ollie and Oski pint glasses of beer. They both look down and within a nanosecond, two straws magically appear.

Oski is being urged, frat-style, to “Drink, drink, drink, drink…”

Ollie stares at the beer and straw, and then back at his new buddy who, to Ollie’s amazement DOES empty his pint glass using the straw. Via his eye?!

Cal mascot oski straw

Oski motions to Ollie to give it a try. And before long, the depressed Ollie is keeping up with his new friend.

Then yet another Peyton ad appears (It’s the Peyton Otterbox ad which is in heavy rotation apparently).

Oski studies the TV, turns back to Ollie and makes an energetic shoving motion then points to the TV.

Ollie nods and is handed another beer.

Oski pulls Ollie closer and whispers. Then they “fur-five” and the revelry resumes.


—To Be Continued —

Thanks for reading! #TMP, #HelpOllie

—The Gang & Annie

Bonus Content

Here are some clips of Ollie in happier times.

And a couple of GIFs, because we’re getting proficient at making those.

Ollie Takes Manhattan - part 1

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Ollie takes Manhattan - Paw Fives

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