AWSI Musings: Oh Dominos – Ollie Strikes Back…


Previously, in our #TMP Tale, the famous Cal mascot, Oski took his new pal Ollie the Otter (of OtterBox fame) to North Berkeley for some refreshments and reinforcements. With Triple Rock’s Brianna and Peet’s Jimmy G on board, the gang is ready to start messin’ with Peyton.


JimmyG: You sure you got the right place?

Bri: Yeah, found the address on the internet and checked around. This is the place.


JimmyG: Okay, cool.

Bri: Also found out he’s batching it this weekend — Home alone. He’s got a man cave where he does his Red Zone viewing. It’s all good.

JimmyG: How are we going to get through the gates and security?

Bri: Ollie’s rep took care of that — asked for a parlay.

JimmyG: A what?

Bri: Shhhheeeeet. You forget your “Wire” speak?

JimmyG: Oh! Like Prop Joe? That parlay? Gotcha!

NSFW Warning!

Bri runs through the game plan with JimmyG to ensure he “gets it.”

Bri: So when Ollie arrives and the door opens our pals at Domino’s will rush in with a couple dozen pies. Enough to make a mighty powerful impression on social media. You feel me?

JimmyG: Very Wire-like. I feel you.

Bri: Now Ollie, you hang back and be on the lookout. Our goal is to be in-and-out quickly. If you see anything weird — give a lean on this here horn.

Ollie nods.


INT Peyton’s Place

Ollie and Peyton are having a chat with Sunday Ticket grid appearing on the big screen. The doorbell chimes. Peyton ignores it and keeps talking and gesturing and pointing at the screen and switching away from the grid to specific games when he sees something he wants to hone in on.

A “knowing” Ollie is just nodding — being the perfect audience for the bath-robed Peyton.

The doorbell chimes again. Peyton ignores it — again.

The third time, Ollie gives Peyton a nudge and points to the door and nods “Okay” as in, I don’t mind if you break off and catch the door.

Peyton: Of course. That was rude. Let me see who it is. No time for “get out the vote” folks today. This is important. I’m really glad your agent suggested we hang out this Sunday morning.

As he opens the door, Ollie follows just close enough to view the action. He notices a 1/2 bath nearby —and nods to himself.

They said take a potty break and jam. This is perfect!


EXT Peyton’s Place

JimmyG: Bri, really? You scored the Domino’s DXP mobile?

Bri: Of course! Aiming to give you the best visuals to work with, ya know?

JimmyG: Cool beans!

JimmyG follows along as the Bri-cam records the goings-on. He is supplementing with his iPhone camera. Both are working on staying steady — no matter how hilarious the situation seems.


INT Peyton’s Place

The delivery guy pushes on in followed by another delivery guy. They pile the pizzas up on the coffee table in front of the big screen TV. Ollie opens up one box to show Peyton the type of pizza inside and hands the box to Peyton. He then motions towards the bathroom and quickly exits.

SNAP! SNAP! rec-red1

What was captured makes it look like Peyton welcoming Domino’s into the house.

The pizza guys take off, but not before sprinkling stacks of pizza take-out boxes throughout the living and kitchen areas (basically, making it especially tough for Peyton to get his place back to looking normal).

We hear the front door shut and the Domino’s DXP mobile speeding away just as a crowd starts to gather in the street near Peyton’s. Apparently, the DXP has quite a Twitter following.



EXT. Peyton’s Place

JimmyG: You got that, Bri!

Bri: Oh yeah, baby. Total score! Now it’s time for you to work your magic.


INT. BREW PUB in Fort Collins.

Ollie, Oski, Bri and JimmyG are enjoying a beverage while monitoring social media activity.

Bri: Whoa! Even better than I imagined, JG.

JimmyG: The reactions from Papa John are priceless too. Did you see his Tweets? He was convinced it was a hoax until some of his employees showed him evidence that this was a problem needing containing.

Bri: Oh Domino’s!

JimmyG: Plus, there are several threads surmising that Peyton is actually switching sides — leaving Papa John’s.

Bri: Perfect!


INT. Peyton’s Place

Close-up of cell phone vibrating itself off the kitchen counter as message-upon-message notifications inundate Peyton’s phone.

Frustrated, he opens the front door to see the street full of phone camera wielding fans. Realizing there’s no escape, he slams the door, returns to the couch. Picks up the remote and finds himself another Red Zone game to watch. He is seen making the same gesturing moves as before — but without the Ollie audience. It’s like he’s a football robot.



INT. BREW PUB in Fort Collins

Ollie, Oski, Bri and JimmyG are now plotting next steps with Van Morrison playing in the background.

—To Be Continued —

Thanks for reading! #TMP, #HelpOllie

—The Gang & Annie

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