AWSI Musings: None for You! What the Hell?

Previously, in our #TMP Tale, an escape to the park for some NFL Sunday ticket viewing did not end up being the relaxing, out-of-home experience Peyton sought. His encounter with the Peaky Pals and the Zombie Insurance Spokespeople pushed him out of his zone and he took off in a cloud of dust / screeching tires. The #SaveOllie gang watched with amusement as things went better than planned. Will his next stop be as disturbing / haunting er… hauntingly disturbing? Read on…



We see Peyton’s Buick speeding down the road with a version of “Red Right Hand” blaring from his car’s stereo.

He has turned off the stereo in frustration, but the music continues to play. His mobile phone is on the passenger seat. It is vibrating away with message notifications. He gives it a glance but then puts his attention back on the road as he has to stop suddenly to let some pedestrians in Mr. Robot-like hoodies, cross the street.

They stop halfway across, turn and stare – glare at Peyton.

Peyton: What the…?

Seemingly in denial, Peyton turns his head to look behind his car —to see who they are staring at. When he returns his attention to what’s in front of him, the crosswalk is clear, so he accelerates only to slam on the brakes again. This time, it is another person in a hoodie pushing a gigantic orange Gatorade container using a hand truck.

Peyton has a puzzled look on his face.

Peyton: Definitely weird…


The “bad ass” Jeep Wrangler following from a distance.

Bri is riding shotgun with the video camera. Ollie and Oski are in the back seat. JimmyG isn’t with them at the moment. Bri nudges the driver.

Bri: Yo, see if you can get a bit closer. Would love to get a reaction shot.

As the Jeep bobs and weaves its way up the street, Bri feels her phone vibrate. Looking down, she sees a multi-media message from her pal JimmyG. Smiling, she hands the phone to Ollie. They both look and nod their approval.

Bri: Looks like JimmyG was in a good position to capture the reaction to the Zombie Insurance Spokespeople stare down. (pause) What’s this?

Bri sees a map of where the Buick is going.

Bri: That’s brilliant too. Guess the power of suggestion worked.

Bri shows the map to the driver at the next light and motions for him to head that way and pull around the back. She then turns to Ollie and Oski and lets them know the game plan.


EXT. Convenience Store Parking Lot

We see Peyton pull up and and then struggle to get out of his Buick, as his robe’s belt seems to be getting caught on something.


INT. Convenience Store.

The clerk is watching. Underneath the counter comes a voice.

JimmyG: That’s him, right?

Clerk: Oh yeah. Dude in a bathrobe looking very irritated.

JimmyG: Cool. Ready to have some fun?

Clerk: Sure! This’ll be the highlight of my day, week, month…

JimmyG: (cutting him off) Your acting classes will come in handy here. Remember what you saw in the video. Play off that. Let’s really freak him out.

In parallel, Peyton opens the front door while Bri, Ollie and Oski come in the back entrance where JimmyG meets them.

JimmyG: Just in time. He’s in the store. The clerk is on board. This should be good. Bri, I scoped it out. If you sneak over there by the Cheetos rack, you’ll be able to capture everything.

Bri nods and quietly moves into position, while JimmyG motions for Ollie & Oski to follow him.


INT. Back room of the convenience store.

JimmyG: Watch this, guys.

They look at the Peyton commercial where the clerk and then Peyton as manager both deny the yoga lady a Gatorade because she hasn’t sweated enough.



White writing on Black Screen: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED #TMP #HelpOllie




The gang is at a round table passing around an iPad showing what happened in that convenience store.

JimmyG: That was so perfect!

Bri: Hard to hold the camera steady when he flipped out, slammed the Gatorade on the counter and ran out the door.

JimmyG: Especially loved what happened next…

Bri: Yeah.

She turns to Ollie.

Bri: Ready to get back to work?

Ollie nods.


Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Hint: This cartoon will give you a sense.

Another Hint: Enjoy this song-able…


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