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Previously, in our #TMP Tale, Ollie, Oski and their Cal buds, Bri and Jammin’ JimmyG had some Domino’s DXP fun @ Peyton’s Place resulting with a not-so-pleased Papa John Schnatter firing off some angry tweets. After the onslaught, as things quiet down, Peyton settles on the couch to watch the remaining DIRECTV Sunday Ticket games — trying to put that disruption out of his mind, though he found the pizza way too tempting to ignore.


EXT. Peyton’s Place

Bri and JimmyG are outside one of the windows at Peyton’s Place — hidden out-of-sight, but still being able to see what he’s watching. Jimmy is playing with an iPad while the rest watch and wonder. He turns towards them to give an update.

JimmyG: Okay, here’s the deal. Peyton is now “chillaxing” watching his games. You can see that no matter how disruptive our Domino’s visit was, he’s back to his comfort zone.

Bri: And he doesn’t notice that you left, Ollie?

Ollie nods.

Bri: That dude is locked in for sure!

JimmyG: Yeah, but not for long. Worked with my pals at the lab on this next part. Watch!

They look in as Peyton has gotten up from the couch and gone to the kitchen during a break in the action.

The television goes dark briefly and then a cooking show appears.

Bri: Is that…?

JimmyG: Yup. We found some YouTube videos of various chefs demonstrating how to make Chicken Parm,.

Bri: Oh yeah. He was singing about parm in that Nationwide ad. Perfect!

JimmyG: We’re going to lock up his DIRECTV so that it will ONLY show the cooking videos, tearing him away from his games. He’ll get frustrated and then be on the move.

Bri: To?

JimmyG: Figuring he’ll jump in the Buick and escape to somewhere quiet to watch the games — like the park. ‘Member he did that in a DIRECTV Sunday Ticket ad?

Jimmy continues…

JimmyG: Bri, be ready with the video camera because we might totally score if we can get him mad enough to throw his DIRECTV remote in frustration. Just think of the…

Bri: Oh man! That would be so awesome — as another sponsor bites the dust.

Ollie and Oski nod in agreement.

The Jedemi Force was with the gang as the game plan worked even better than imagined. Somehow Bri managed not only to capture the predicted DIRECTV remote toss as it ricocheted off the wall and back behind the TV (a dusty, nasty place), but she also got some good ones of him watching the cooking shows.

Peyton on Sunday morning NOT watching football.

Yup, that’s what hit social media followed by irate tweets from his DIRECTV peeps.

And just as JimmyG anticipated, the mess-ee Peyton rushed out of the house with his phone and car keys.

His exit was delayed as he had a hard time finding said keys to the Buick and became increasingly more irritated while the TV got louder and louder before switching over to (and blasting) a Muppets version of “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens.”

You could tell he wanted to shut it off or at least mute it, but since the remote was wedged in a dusty corner behind the TV, he called an audible and got out of there.

His phone, he did manage to mute as it was chiming and vibrating like crazy.

A cloud of dust and the smell of burning rubber is how this adventure ended.

Bri remarked: Did you see that? He was talking up a storm to himself. Wonder what he was saying?

JimmyG: We’ll know soon enough. Had the the Buick wired for sound. Plus, the lab guys are kicking down some drone support for our #HelpOllie cause.

Bri: Awesome!

JimmyG: Yup! Peyton is about to learn he can run, but he can’t escape the wrath of an otter scorned.

—To Be Continued —

Thanks for reading! #TMP, #HelpOllie

—The Gang & Annie

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