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Ed note: We intended to post something sooner, but we got sidetracked. In the interim, the ideas took off. Here’s one of several posts dealing with the TMP topic.

It all started a couple of weeks ago. While hanging out at a sports bar, catching the Cal game on Saturday night, we looked up to see… Peyton Manning in yet another ad.

You may be thinking “The Richie Trio” for DIRECTV?

Lionel Richie ad 1: It’s Peyton on Sunday Mornings – In a Park Watching NFL SUNDAY TICKET

or Lionel Richie ad 2: Peyton at the Supermarket Watching NFL SUNDAY TICKET

or Lionel Ritchie ad 3: It’s Peyton on Sunday Mornings – Phone Call (to Eli) & NFL SUNDAY TICKET

No doubt those are getting a ton of play since this IS the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET sign-up season.

We have Ritchie fatigue and hardly notice them anymore. And if we do, we switch to another station.

So, could it be a spot for Papa John’s?

Good suggestion since those got a lot of play especially going into the Super Bowl. In fact, there was some new “creative” that appeared in late August — “Cupcake”.

Looks like Papa John’s roped in the Houston Texans’ All-Pro and reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt.

But no, that wasn’t it.

How About Nationwide?

Ah. Hearing the jingle in our mind’s ears now. Peyton singing about chicken parm for Nationwide.

Memorable, indeed. But no.

Nationwide DID do a Peyton Manning retirement piece that’s fairly recent. This time, instead of chicken parm, he is singing: “Number 18 in the house…”

Eyes roll, right?

But that wasn’t it.

Humm… okay Gatorade??

Apparently this one, Gatorade’s “Dear Peyton” has been nominated for Most Outstanding Commercial in the 2016 Emmy Awards. Launched in April 2016 in recognition of Manning’s retirement from the National Football League, it features handwritten letters Peyton Manning wrote during his 18-year career, read by the recipients, including former teammates, rivals, players, coaches, family and friends.

Interesting, yes. But not the one.

By the way, notice the Groupon shout out? Seems kind of familiar to the Budweiser one from the Super Bowl last February.

The Gang did some research and found out that Peyton ISN’T on the Anheuser-Busch payroll. But he probably is their new BFF after his shout out (worth $32 million apparently).

If None of the Above, Then…

Clearly, the above proves that there is way “Too Much Peyton” (TMP). He’s everywhere AND not what we saw that night.

So we did a bit more investigating (#SCMF) — determined not to let this go unanswered. Aha! A breakthrough!

Peyton is now taking on — the Otter…

Funny how sometimes the answer is right under your nose. In this case, just two days prior, a press release was issued:

OtterBox, the No. 1-most trusted brand in smartphone case protection, welcomes former football quarterback Peyton Manning as the newest member of the Otter team. Manning will serve as spokesman for the company, debuting in an ad series that begins airing Sept. 16 on ESPN.

Peyton Manning OtterBox

The announcement goes on to explain that Peyton is taking over the starting position from long-time OtterBox mascot Ollie the Otter. Ollie, who has had no professional sports experience, will serve as second string spokesotter. Ollie refused to comment on the transition, but his apprehension is self-evident in the series featuring the rivalry between the two.


He stole the gig away from the OtterBox otter? WTF?! Don’t worry Ollie! We’ve got your back.

The Gang and Annie are coming up with a game plan to alleviate the TMP issue AND gain you your position back.

Stay Tuned

#TMP, #HelpOllie

—The Gang & Annie

Bonus Content:

Our guys unearthed some old Buick ads just to make that #TMP point even stronger.

And this is like a Peyton’s greatest hits video:

#TMP, right?? Ollie agrees…


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