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Previously, our #TMP Tale described how the depressed Ollie the Otter (of OtterBox fame) had a serendipitous encounter with the famous Cal mascot, Oski who seems to have a game plan for helping Ollie get his mascot gig back (#HelpOllie). The “How Ollie Strikes Back!” adventure continues below.

An airplane is seen in the distant sky and then we pull back to see the two furry friends (Oski and Ollie) walking down a North Berkeley street. They stop outside a brick building with a bright neon sign “Triple Rock Brewery 1920.”

Oski holds the door for Ollie, and then follows him in. The gang at Triple Rock seem really excited to greet their pal Oski — and even offer up two prime seats.

Just before settling in, the Peyton OtterBox ad appears on the TV.
Oski points it, motions to his pal and then makes a throat-cutting motion back at the TV just as Peyton appears on the screen.

The Gang at Triple Rock nod and offer encouragement.

The raucous sounds draw a young woman in a half apron to a position behind the bar, just opposite of Oski. She puts two coasters down and draws 2 pints of the “hoppiest” beer on tap.

“Here’s what’s hoppin’ today, Buddy. Where you been? And who’s your…?”

Before the question got out of her mouth, one of the Triple Rock Gang piped up.

“Can you believe it? Stupid Peyton ‘I’m everywhere you don’t want me to be’ Manning is now doing OtterBox commercials.”

A woman in the Gang chimes in.

“What a dick! That guy stole the gig from Oski’s pal here. That’s so wrong, Brianna!”

[so the young woman’s name is Brianna]

She looks warmly at Ollie, who is drinking through a straw as trained by Oski, and then says to them both:

“No worries. We’ll figure out something.”

DISSOLVE TO: Empty pint glasses on the counter.

Brianna returns.

“Sorry for disappearing. Just sent a text to my buddy at the original Peet’s (on Vine). He’s finishing up his shift and really wants to meet your pal, Oski. Just need to clock out here and we’ll be OM.”

Oski nods. Ollie gives a shrug of the shoulders, as though he isn’t quite sure what this means but what the heck. When he sees Oski’s enthusiastic nod, he imitates it.


The hooded Brianna leading her furry friends out the door.

“OM as in On the Move guys! See ya when I see ya!”

“You go Bri!”

The Triple Rock door closes.


A similar motion that has the Peet’s on Vine door opening.

“Yo, Bri!” – an aproned barista from behind the corner shouts out.

“Yo JimmyG!”

“What can I get you?”

“3 of your specials and some of your time. Can you break away?”

“Of course! For you my lady, anything!”


The four of them huddled around a table. JimmyG is showing examples of how he and Bri have tag-teamed on projects leveraging social media: Bri-Cam and JimmyG’s editing.

They flip through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to demonstrate how they have a presence and active following.

Oski nods enthusiastically and nudges his new pal who is starting to look like his old happy self.

Ollie the Otter in happier times.

Ollie the Otter in happier times.


Napkins scattered on the table sort of storyboarding-out the approach.

FADE OUT video, FADE in song:

Baby, Stir It Up, oh
Got to break it up now
When I think about tomorrow
Oooooo I can’t wait to

Stir It Up
Got to shake it up now
With my hardtail rake on borrow
I’m not gonna take it anymore

—To Be Continued —

Thanks for reading! #TMP, #HelpOllie

—The Gang & Annie

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