AWSI Musings: Cheetos Chooses to Trick Out Halloween…


We did a “double-take” of sorts upon reading that our favorite cheetah, Chester from Cheetos, was embarking on a Halloween-themed promotion — to get the “Trick” back into “Trick or Treat.”

Chester gets a lot of “love” here at Jedemi:

Mac n' Cheetos unboxing

Like the Mac n’ Cheetos unboxing video shown in this post.

Or the flaming hot mix-ups in this piece.

He is now promoting “Chester on the Dresser” (kind of like Elf on a Shelf) as a new family tradition for Halloween.

By clicking your way over to Amazon, you can obtain a stuffed Chester Cheetah with its accompanying hardcover book of pranks, “31 Days of Halloween Mischief” for $29.99.

Then you are encouraged to place you own Chester in view as a visual reminder of all the cool “tricky but fun” pranks and “playful moments” you can have with your family.

AWSI, this is an interesting concept and definitely a way to keep Cheetos top-of-mind. They opted to own the trick part of Halloween, which is a great strategy. And they ARE right. Everyone seems to be emphasizing the treats. Cheetos could be a treat as well. This approach lets them gain support indirectly.

Here’s what we found at Target online:


Some Suggested Pranks…


day 16: homepage horror
Your family’s laptop is the perfect stage.
Go online and change out their homepage.
Pick something funny or a jump scare.
When they open a window, they’ll jump in the air.

And another from that oh so lucky 13th day:


day 13: frozen cereal
For a quick and fun morning teaser,
Put a bowl of cereal in the freezer.
At breakfast, while they’re truing to dig in.
Do your best to hide your mischievous grin.

Dig the rhyming!

We love pranks here at Jedemi. Keeps folks from taking themselves too seriously.

No Cheetos Fingers?

Doc and the guys were curious to see if there was anything related to “Cheetos Fingers” noted on the calendar.

Scary, right?

So we’ll be watching the social media for this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram:


If we are lucky, we might be able to snag a “Bag of Bones.” Stay tuned.


Thanks for reading!

—The Gang


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